All this UMC news is making me crave Twitter in a way I haven’t since I left.

In these moments, the aggregate outrage felt cathartic.

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@mike it is how I kept up minute to minute, and how I received immediate support from Rachel Held Evans, Broderick Greer, Jeff Chu, Nadia Bolz Weber, and so many more. But it was also where the Traditional folks went to gloat. So I logged off and invited local friends to my house to cry.

I think the catharsis has a steep price when you're grieving. Lots of re-activation & triggering, over and over.

@mike I’ve been glued to the live stream all day. It’s weird, because I feel heartbroken and frustrated... but watching all of those people get up and passionately defend God’s love for all of his children, and talk about loving Jesus... it’s the first time in a long time I’ve even had a desire to “love Jesus.” Maybe it’s just nostalgia, since I grew up (teenage years) in the UMC.

Resist the urge to tweet. We'll help you through with toots

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