Sometimes I log in here and panic—I don’t have many mentions, and worry that the instance isn’t active. But, then I look at the Local timeline, and see lots of people having wonderful conversations.

I’m very excited to have a social platform for The Liturgists that is centered on the people, and not the podcast hosts.

@mike consider yourself mentioned...and loved. Thanks for setting up a place that isn’t centered around yourself and @vishnu. It’s a rarity these days.

Dude Mike, when youre hanging with family (aka Lit Squad) youre just another one of the nerds.

@mike Don't worry. We're having a lovely time here on mastodon!

@mike I joined the Slack instance after this and, I don’t know if Mastodon killed Slack, but it’s a veritable ghost town over there.

@mattwiebe All the action on Slack is in the channels. You’ve got to go exploring to find the active community there.

@drew @mike Hmm yeah I’m in quite a few channels including those, which seem busiest. But still pretty quiet. That’s fine, I’m enjoying Mastodon.

@mike Thanks Mike it's nice to have a place that's not overbearing. I'm still learning to use and participate, but I do like it so far.


You know what this instance has helped me realize? That I interact best with social media in fits and starts. That I can have great conversations and connections with people across distance, and that it can still be unhealthy to try and make social media a replacement for face to face conversation, or to feel the pressure of being "always connected".

I appreciate that this space is not just podcast host worship, but I also appreciate that you (and others) value boundaries and unplugging

@mike dude I love this place! Some of the best interactions I've had in a long time have been on here.

@mike toot toot Mike,😂 toot toot, I don't even know how to see if I have any mentions (oh I do now that is in the notification)🤣. so normally I just laugh a lot at what I can see and not really understand how i works I kinda like that though. like I kinda like you after you eat something on the Farts podcast that was funny!!! and even better when you talk about the LA mushroom walk, now that would be an awesome tour to set up. eat a heap of mushrooms and walk through LA brilliant!!!

@mike I like it here and am getting to know some people

@mike I still like this space even if selfishly I miss being able to confortably follow everyone on the instance. I get lovely interaction when I reach out. I would love to talk with you directly more often in those convos, but I really don't want to bother you as our local celebrity. It sounds like disconnecting from public direct access (e.g. email) has been so good for you that I feel like part of the problem if I mention you, even if I think you might be interested. 🙏

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