In an age where eveything is measured, tracked, analyzed, and reported in real time, I have to tell you I love how little data I can see about user activity as an admin on a Mastodon instance.

It’s pretty much impossible to collect data here, and this platform is almost worthless from a corporate commincations perspective.

5 stars. I love it.

@mike I think the only way to beat large multinational social media is federation. Your lack of ability to see all is nice, but the moment a social media corporation hosts an instance, they can get at the data directly in the database no matter what the admin took on top allows.

I want to figure out how to encourage growth of large numbers of small federated instances where no one has all the data.

@roberttheiv @mike
The two ways I can think of are Cultural and Technological.

1) There seems to be a good culture of "many small instances" among Mastodon users right now. Mastodon.Social gets a lot of flak for being so big and for being advertised as the default, and some instances have de-federated from it.

2) Baking it in to the software would send a signal to instance users about how it's meant to be used. Owners could change the code, but it would need to be a conscious effort.

@TMo @mike one of the big problems with the federation setup is funding. Having enough federation for 2.32 billion monthly active users is a huge number of instances. Each instance will need to bring funding, operate with high availability, etc.

If Mastadon instances reach a tipping point it may be most likely for some corporate interest to sign up enough users to make the current front runners look like small peanuts. It’s still better than now, but something I worry about.

@roberttheiv just throwing it out there. Here’s another decentralized social network I’ve participated in that might peak your interest It takes a different approach than federation which leads to being a bit more difficult to co-opt by large organizations.

It’s very early tech, so can be a little frustrating to get started with, but if you’re interested in taking a look let me know and I’d be happy to help.

@mike here’s some feedback. From a person, intentionally given. I love that too!

@mike "worthless from a corporate communications perspective."
Now that's why you convinced me yo sign up! :)

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