Listening to the final cut of our podcast coming out this Thursday. Wow, I say “In a very real way,” a lot when I’m on stage.

@mike Yeah, but I mean at least you say it in a way that is very real! 😀

@mike Until I started my own podcast & hearing my recorded conversations, I've come to realize how much I say "wow" in a very real way.

@mike OMG yes, just realised that. It’s OK, most speakers have their own jargon. Rob Bell always says “so good”. I have my own as well. It’s kinda cool IMO.

I say "quote unquote" and do finger quotes in my podcast....alot. I wish I could afford an editor so I never have to listen to the thing myself.

@mike I would say the only way forward is to also start denoting when you mean what you are saying "in a somewhat real way," "in a surreal way," "in an unreal way," or, potentially, "in a VERY unreal way." Might be a few other meaningful variations in there, but I'm sure you'll sniff 'em out.

@mike Or how about... I’m excited for this episode, in a “very real way.”

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