I legitimately struggle with almost every “I’m not a robot” test online.

@mike I’ve often wondered how many chances you actually get but am afraid to try and find out what happens next.

@mike I always get in a loop of endless traffic light IDing. I swear it's taken me upwards of 3 minutes and 20 stoplights.

@mike I know, right?! Especially when it's like "click every picture that has a car," and I see a taillight in one and think, "Does that count as a car?! What if I'm wrong, and it won't let me log in?!"

@WolfDreamer @mike is a truck a car? A school bus? They don’t define car well enough for me, since most people I know use car colloquially as “the thing with wheels outside”

@mike I don't think I ever passed one of the street sign tests that Google used to have.

@mike I sometimes wonder if technology is at the point that it can do those test better than we can and what they are actually looking for is the mistakes, misclicks, and hesitation as we do our best to work it out.

@Bazza @mike I don't know how widespread different versions of them are, but for some that's definitely the case

@mike Have you ever or do you commonly think about harming humans?

@calvin I may not injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human being to comn to harm.

@mike Then there's nothing to worry about for now! 😂

@mike Me too. And they make me angry, because I feel like I'm training their self-driving car software for free. It's always a traffic question. Always!

@mike I mean what really counts as a "storefront"....that abandoned house could just be some sort of hipster record shop, right? So dualistic these robot decisions!

@mike I couldn’t get past a series of them one day and I thought to myself, “maybe I am a robot?”

@mike I told my CPE supervisor that “often, I feel like a sad robot” and he chose to soothe me rather than be curious. And said “I experience you as very warm and human.” Don’t minimize my robot heritage, human person! Sorry for the riff. I just heard the fear podcast. I like you mike. Thanks for being vulnerable. Life ain’t easy for us who have lived life in our head and not our body. ❤️🌈💪🌎

@mike I've paused once or twice on the tests that are literally just the "I'm not a robot" check box, because how would I actually know?

@mike For the ones that are like "click all the squares that have a street sign," are we supposed to click the ones that have a tiny sliver of the edge of the sign in them or not?

@mike it's scary how hard I've tried with these... And still failed.

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