@mike 64 degrees and sunny in Albuquerque! Trees are blossoming and there are rain clouds on the southwestern horizon. Good day.

@mike (yesterday) was such a marvelous day. Slayed my stats final. Talked in therapy. Had a spontaneous dessert with a friend downtown before catching the bus home. Glad your day was a good one as well 💛

@mike I know this was yesterday but I am absorbing your past experience into my bones and psychically projecting it onto my day tomorrow as I fall asleep tonight (that science holds, right?)

@mike Good morning! I really enjoyed listening to you on the "For The Love " Podcast with Jen Hatmaker. I'm in a relationship with a man that identifies as atheist, what books/resources would you recommend so that I can better understand his perspective. I'm a Christian.....one with a lot of questions lol.

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