I released a new on science literacty today. I hope people listen, because wow, we need more science literacy these days.

@mike I’ve been wanting to ask how I can better discern science! I have some solid media literacy practices (thanks largely in part to that episode of the Liturgists), but I’ve really been wanting to ask how to have better science literacy!! Can’t wait to listen!

@mike I was Director of Communication for CDC's Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. Over the years, I gave many talks to health professionals about "vaccine hesitancy" and usually touched on the same points you discussed, including the importance of understanding and empathy, as well as the need for compelling, memorable narratives that bring data to life! Lots more I could share about all of this, but will just say...thank you, I LOVED this episode!

@mike I'm really not Mike. I'm too young to be retired, but 17 years of vaccine wars and too much time in the Emergency Ops Center resulted in serious burn out. It's tough for us enneagram 9's to be at the epicenter of so much conflict! My CDC colleagues who are still there fighting the good fight domestically and around the globe are the bad asses. I was blessed to get to work with such quality human beings.

@mike YAYYYY DR. HAYHOE AND DR. ZIERDEN YESSSSS l love good & ethical scientists getting shoutouts.

And "you can't prove things with science" HOORAY!!!! Enjoyed this so much!!!

The whole thing about energy too, I shouted out loud DAMN STRAIGHT MIKE & my dog jumped. And then you said chemicals & toxins and I was DEAD WITH AFFIRMED FEELINGS.

I'm just very happy. One of my favorite episodes.

Nerd happy freakout is a good way to end my day.


Also so appreciated the conclusion section of the pod.

I've had a hard time explaining to folks why I don't engage in "debate" type exchanges with science deniers, esp. Evangelicals. I used to try, as an ex-devout-Evangelical myself.

You gave such a great & succinct explanation about that engagement, thank you for sharing it.


I react to Katharine Hayhoe the way most Liturgists react to Richard Rohr. What a brilliant and kind human.

Also if you are friends with those lovely people...podcast? Conference calls are low carbon & everything!

@Melissa @mike

oh she's canadian. I too am canadian, as of yesterday.

first time i've ever said that. weird.

@Melissa Yes, we’ll absolutely do a podcast at some point. I’m working crazy hours for now, so I’ll have to save guests that are more than a text away for later in the year.

@mike also "I react like Liturgists react to Richard Rohr" might be the most insider-y thing I've ever said 😆

@mike I especially enjoyed the conclusion where you describe how you see your work. Sometimes I don't feel I have the patience to do what you - I prefer the snarky joke (I had to watch the Psychic episode by John Oliver). 😜

But I appreciate so much that you are willing to take the time to see where people are coming from and respond with empathy first rather than facts. Thanks for teaching and encouraging us to do the same.

@mike loved it! A friend of mine recently shared this article, can you take a look? How do we balance this good science with some of the things that are progressive on the gender front, and honor both?

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