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New this week, featuring some actual science questions (in addition to faith and life advice stuff).

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@mike I loved this one! Fun for a long term listener, but rich good stuff for newbies.

The opening Q from @giddie turned into a great intro to, um, mystical Christian materialism (?)

I find myself constantly talking about neuroscience to mystics & meditation to materialists, so I enjoyed hearing you expand on the lack of tension you feel about it. Much wiser than my usual jokes about how I just don't care anymore if it makes cohesive sense.

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@Melissa @mike Oh man, so excited to listen. I'm a couple of episodes behind, working hard to catch up on my commute :p

I'm also in deep discussion with an old friend, an Evangelical-turned-Atheist, trying to lay the Epistemological groundwork for a bit of Mysticism :p

@Melissa @mike So, I've caught up with this episode. Thanks for your answer, Mike :) So it sounds like you seek to balance two epistemologies in defining God: you see God one way through Materialism, and experience God another way through Mysticism. But are you sure it's fair to say they're the same thing? I'm in the same place, enjoying the balance, but I think calling both concepts "God" may be conflating two different concepts / experiences.

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@mike Thanks for another great episode! You are so very good at making science accessible without sacrificing too much complexity. I really appreciate that you are such a careful and clear communicator.

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