A new app just lauched today that helps automate secutiry and privacy on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. I’m trying it out, and if they’re honest about the app architecture, this could be a really great service. It’s called Jumbo.

@mike Thanks for sharing this, Mike! @Birdie and I have been considering jumping back to Facebook to promote Pour Advice, but struggle with compromising our privacy/internet security.

So far, so good?

@drew @Birdie My testing is very limited, but it does a good job of simplifying the pricacy controls on Facebook for sure.

@mike literally just saw this and was about to post! Looks like a great option to send to less techie folks that don't know about all these granular best practices for privacy online.


I am interested in what they define as analytical data? That section of their app is vague and the claim that they 100% anonymize the data is dubious.

@mike Please test and report back! (But everyone should still stay here on mastodon)

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