I went to a very small, local episcopal church today with my daughters. I LOVED it. There was full liturgy, but an informality that only churches of less than 100 people can pull off.

No matter where I am in my “faith” or theology, I just love churches, or at least, affirming churches.



Also, for reasons I don’t understand yet, every church I’ve visited in LA where someone has recognized me has sent me running.


@mike not surprised.

Probably would want to just have an experience where you can be a part of and not have to give or live up to a persona.


@mike I get that. My wife and I are about to leave the ministry after 14 years of service and as we talk about the idea of finding a church in our new city, the idea of finding one where no one knows us is very appealing.

It would be so easy to fit right in at the "home" church, but I'm not convinced that thats what is best for us in the long run.

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