I miss her more each day.

Portrait by Gil Gamble for the upcoming book, Holy Troublemakers.

@mike a woman in our seminary cohort cried while praying for RHE's family before class on Monday. She said she wouldn't be studying in seminary without RHE's influence. It was powerful. I'm am so, so sorry for her family, for you, and all who knew her well, or were impacted by her work. Lord, have mercy.

@mike ah man. I just got done crying yesterday…and now 😭

@mike That's literally perfect. I never had the chance to meet her in person, but "woman of valor" shines through in everything she's done.

@mike In all seriousness, I cannot imagine a higher honor than to be given the title Holy Troublemaker. She is worthy of it.

@mike I listened to the Liturgists episode when you and @vishnu interviewed her about Searching for Sunday. When you said "My favorite episodes are the Rachel episodes," my heart sank and I cried then because I knew you meant it, and I know how much her and her work meant to you. Continued prayers for her and her family, friends, and followers. Her light will no doubt continue to shine brightly as a beacon to real, authentic love and grace, the kind of love and grace Christ meant for us to share

@mike so much love those who knew her... this loss is felt deeply.

@mike a group of us are lighting candles for Rachel after the event in Boulder tonight. Feel free to grieve with us if you’re up for it.

@mike Seeing this automatically brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful.

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