@mike and @vishnu, I know y'all have been working on this, and I'm curious if there are plans to include more working class voices on The Liturgists?

@Natalie @vishnu I hope so! For reasons I don’t understand, getting anyone, and I mean ANYONE, on the podcast takes weeks of effort per person. It’s the single biggest obstacle to getting the show done.


It goes like this, “Hi person, would you like to be on The Liturgists Podcast?”

Person, after a long delay: “Yes!”

Us: “OK, when are you available?”

Person: “…”

That’s pretty much where it falls apart.

If there’s a unifying trait of folks of all classes, races, religions, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations, it’s that they are impossible to schedule for the podcast.

@mike Yeah, I can see how that would be. I have a bunch of possibly obvious and unhelpful questions: 1) have you ever asked other people how they do it? 2) have you thought about going old-school/lo-fi, and offering phone call times, or something slightly more accessible than being in person or in a studio, or wherever? (total ignorance on where recording with guests usually happens, so this includes a few assumptions) (cont)

@mike 3) have you tried choosing a few date possibilities, and offering those to guests, rather than asking when their availability is? (This is usually more effective with me when people want to get me to do stuff. :P) 4) is there a budget for paying guests, or is this something patrons could do, like sponsor a guest for a show? (again, cluelessness here) Esp for working class folx, time is even more seriously money than for others.

@mike 5) is reaching out to organizations doing work in local areas, and asking if they have employees who can speak to stuff a possibility? When I worked for a non-profit, I had some opportunities to do stuff like this *on the clock.* It made a huge difference for me personally, and it was considered outreach for work.

@mike I kind of feel like this describes trying to have a social life of any sort - so I can relate! People are damn hard to pin down.

@mike send me that calendar invite and we’ll be scheduled within an hour.

@mike how much would it cost to purchase the necessary sound equipment to have a legitimate sounding interview? Or do you only do interviews in your studio?

@lezorte We prefer in-studio conversations where possible. We also have equipment we can ship to people.

@mike well if you ever do an episode on the positive and negative social justice implications of the cryptocurrency and block chain revolution, think of me. Being a software engineer, that's something that I could talk about all day long. My life's too crazy to go to LA though... Got little kids to take care of

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