6) Also, academics have either just finished terms, or about to. Summers are usually a bit lighter than the rest of the year, and people might be able to squeeze stuff in. I know academics have our own realm of privilege, but lots of us have diverse backgrounds, too, and still could speak to things. You might find some luck with some academics!

Not sure why this didn't tag you, @mike, but I think 6 is my last possibly obvious question for now. 😋 You don't actually have to answer any of these questions--but I hope at least one of them might be helpful!

Show thread


1. Yes. Most shows that do segments like we do have MUCH higher budgets and suppor staff to coordinate this.

2. We’ve done phone interviews. When we do, we get hundreds of complaints from listeners about audio quality.

3. That’s what we always do.

4. We pay contributors to the show (people who write and lead segments). We don’t pay guests (like most media).

5. That’s somethign we actively pursue.

6. Academics are the HARDEST to schedule, in our experience.

@mike Cool. Thanks for your responses. :)

It seems like the one that might be still viable would be giving Patrons a chance to sponsor a guest? In my present post-migraine haze, I'm not seeing an option on Patreon for a one-time donation. Does that exist, and I'm missing it?

If so, and if y'all are willing to try the experiment, I'd be happy to attempt to start a trend of Gifts for Guests.

@Natalie I’m not open to it right now because I’m concerned that people would donate and then we wouldn’t pull it off.

@Natalie I don’t think folks have any concept of how small our team is, or that there are literally zero full time employees in our company.

@mike I certainly didn't realize it. :) And I appreciate your concern.

Is this something that could literally become the work of the people? Could the labor for booking AND the funding to give guests small stipends for appearing on the show be crowd-sourced?

I dunno, there's just lots of passionate peoples around who might like to help out. And maybe there are people who can't swing $1/month, but could swing writing a few emails, or making some networking connections.

@mike Also, this isn't my project, so I don't have nearly as much at stake in asking these questions. But I'm wondering what the risk is in running a few test cases along these lines, and seeing what comes of it? It might be a terrible idea, or it might be a good idea that ends in disaster. The emotional disappointment can't be crowd-sourced in the same way the time or labor or funds can be, and maybe that's enough. But if it works, it'd be kinda the Mastadon of podcasts.... 2/2

@Natalie We are *barely* getting the podcast done. That’s the main point I want to make. Even a work-of-the-people crowdsourced solution still requires organization and oversight. It generates a lot of audio that has to be reviewed, edited, curated, and published.

What you’re describing is very much what I’d like the podcast to be, but we’ve got to grow our organization to support something like that.

@Natalie I’m concerened that if we annouced something like that now, we’d hurt a lot of people by failing to follow through on their contributions. But, you’ll see tomorrow when our next podcast comes out how much this is on a radar and something we are working toward.

@mike @Natalie

UGH money is the worst. You need it to do things like, say, saving the world from climate change or podcasting life saving & enriching content.

So you have to figure out how to get it. Personally, I end up feeling conflicted about doing things to get money from people in a capitalist society - it presents a LOT of moral grey areas, even when I know it's for super good reasons.

Sending my sympathies & will stay tuned for how to help.


@Melissa @mike @Natalie I feel this was why Marx warned against the corporate capitalism.

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