Sorry for the logjam in the moderation queue, yall. I was on medical rest for two weeks, and actually followed doctor’s orders for once in my life. :)

@mike that sounds like a JK Rowling book. Harry Potter and logjam in the moderation queue.

I’m glad you’re back. It made me smile seeing a post from you.

You don't apologize for medical rest you beautiful beast. The Lion does not apologize for its midday nap. NO it rewards the universe with its Majesty when it chooses too, and it slumbers as it sees fit.

@mike Well done listening to the doctor. I'm proud of you.

@noahebenson Getting there. The recovery is slower than I imagined it would be.

@mike @noahebenson whatever it takes to get yourself better. Lots of love! 💜

@mike I recently read about somebody updated their old-school swear jar. They now deposit a quarter (or whatever) each time they offer an unnecessary apology. I know you think you owe us an apology. The only thing we would expect an apology for is ignoring your doctor and dying and robbing the world of your awesomeness.

@mike So glad to hear you're recovering and able to get back to work! Take care of yourself, man :)

@mike we love you Mike. So glad you followed the doc’s advice!!!!

Welcome home @mike 🙂

We're so glad that you took the time to heal up. Feel free to take it easy any time you need to.

@mike I also recently followed doctor's orders to rest for the first time. Once I got past the guilt it was quite enjoyable. Hope you are feeling refreshed!

@katiem I’m feeling a lot better. No chest pains at all anymore.

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