GOOD NEWS: I am eating a healthy, plant-based diet and my health is improving.

BAD NEWS: I am only able to do this because neither me nor my spouse works outside the home.

We’re able to push back against the HORRIBLE food system in this country by spending hours per day planning and preparing meals.

It’s true that more nutritious foods cost more. But the increased financial cost is a small piece compared to the time it takes to turn healthy ingredients into meals you actually want to eat.

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@mike This. Very much this. People forget how much time goes into food preparation, and most folks working outside the home are putting so many hours into their jobs they sometimes *literally* do not have the time to cook when they get home between all the other things they have to do to keep up with the demands of life.

@LexYeen @mike I'm only working 30 hours per week right now and I often don't eat until really late because I'm too exhausted to cook when I get home

@mike This is so true! I've been saying the same thing to my wife. Eating healthy and well requires carefully shopping, planning, cooking and organizing, and you live in the kitchen. But likely worth it I guess.

@mike Following the GAPS diet for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’ve found the same thing. It helps, but the amount of time for food prep plus the extra cost is a lot. What it has really done, though, is highlight how terrible the American diet/food system is.

@mike it's true but it will get easier and quicker (promise!) as you get used to new habits and build up a new core repertoire you can prepare half asleep.
Well done to you all for sticking with it 💚 💚 💚

@luminesce @mike I'm glad your health is improving. We've always been a family that cooks from more basic ingredients, though 'healthiness' likely varied and never strictly plant-based. At first it was necessity, making a very limited food budget stretch for multiple people.

@luminesce @mike But we also generally prefer cooking food ourselves. We always have. There are lots of techniques that ease the time requirement. Do prep (chopping veggies, washing leafy things, etc.) in advance where possible and store them in the refrigerator. Ensure some meals are ones that will cover multiple days so you aren't cooking a full meal every single day.

@luminesce @mike Keep things handy that can be a go-to quickly prepared meal when cooking is just out of reach. Once kids are old enough to fend for themselves in the kitchen (or adults and mostly gone as mine are) those can be scrounge for yourselves nights. My personal one is almost always beans and rice. Not the healthiest, but healthy enough, filling, quick and easy, and it's something I never get tired of eating.

@luminesce @mike And, of course, the more you do it, the faster you become at it and the better you can fit it into your routine.

Except for the food deserts which exist in every city, it's not my experience that it's necessarily more expensive to cook from actual ingredients. We did that a lot when we were poor because it's all we could afford. You just have to spend more effort shopping to find the cheap options and plan meals based on what you can find.

@luminesce @mike Now, of course, we prefer organic meats and produce, shop at Farmer's Markets when we can, buy the things we want to cook rather than what is available for little money and *that* is definitely more expensive.

We need to address the food deserts, which are also intertwined with our history of racism and white supremacy, but it's not inherently true that ingredients are more expensive than processed food.

@mike When I get my tinfoil hat on it's tightest, I start to suspect that this more than just a sad, unplanned consequence. There are times that I wonder if this is not part of the intentional and planned assault on the poor.

@mike I know how you feel. My plant-based diet that doesn't take much prep-time:

@mike batch cook and freeze what you can. I’m veggie in a household of meat eaters. I’ve made two meals a night for 21 yrs! It does get easier and quicker but I find if I’m making something like lentil dahl, curry, veggie bolognaise sauce, tomato sauces - I make 3-4 times the quantity I need so at least two or three times a week I can get a portion out of the freezer (helps on my working days). We also put a lot of jacket potato’s in the oven!!

@mike it'll get easier once you get used to the new recipes and how to prepare things. Never as fast as fast food/take out, but better and faster than at first for sure. ❤️

@mike hi mike. This is officially my first toot... online. So what is the recipe for this Pete Holmes smoothie? You have got me interested.

@gregdolmage 12 oz of ice water. 2 scoops of Ka’Chava. 2 cups of baby spinach. 1/4 blueberries. 5 strawberries. Blend thoroughly.

@mike nice! Thank you! So glad to hear you’re doing better too. I’m one of those classic “got a Masters in Theology and now running a coffee shop with a wife and 2 little boys to support”... you know the story. You have been a voice of comfort time and time again. Let’s keep you around for a long time.


@mike This is very nearly the problem I'm having. I don't have time to make myself food, but I really need to start eating healthier.

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