GOOD NEWS: I am eating a healthy, plant-based diet and my health is improving.

BAD NEWS: I am only able to do this because neither me nor my spouse works outside the home.

We’re able to push back against the HORRIBLE food system in this country by spending hours per day planning and preparing meals.


It’s true that more nutritious foods cost more. But the increased financial cost is a small piece compared to the time it takes to turn healthy ingredients into meals you actually want to eat.

@mike This. Very much this. People forget how much time goes into food preparation, and most folks working outside the home are putting so many hours into their jobs they sometimes *literally* do not have the time to cook when they get home between all the other things they have to do to keep up with the demands of life.

@LexYeen @mike I'm only working 30 hours per week right now and I often don't eat until really late because I'm too exhausted to cook when I get home

@mike This is so true! I've been saying the same thing to my wife. Eating healthy and well requires carefully shopping, planning, cooking and organizing, and you live in the kitchen. But likely worth it I guess.

@mike Following the GAPS diet for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’ve found the same thing. It helps, but the amount of time for food prep plus the extra cost is a lot. What it has really done, though, is highlight how terrible the American diet/food system is.

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