The Liturgists Community asked me to record my voice as a Waze navigation voice. Click on it, if your into that sort of thing:

Check out these custom turn-by-turn voice directions! Listen to them on your next drive with Waze:

Yet another reason to join the Official Liturgist Discourse Community. You can bend @mike into doing your will!

Come join us! All are welcome, including 🍌s and 🐐s! Just follow this link:

@mike I’m imagining it feeling very calm and meditative. “If you missed your exit, that’s okay. You can always get off at the next one and I will be here to direct you.” 🙂

@mike I don’t even have a car to go anywhere but I downloaded Waze just to hear it. I’m going to make my friends drive me to places now.

@mike OMG we downloaded it for our trip from LA to San Diego and it made the trip so much fun! My wife was like “why do I know that voice?” and my drive was so relaxing :) Well played!

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