I haven't been on here in super long...those darn other social medias must have been manipulating me away again. What did I miss?

@nathanlandisfunk sadly it's been pretty quiet - I think a lot of people went over to the new social media platform which I have repressed at the moment 😁 I like Mastodon - I am sticking around!

@conrad Yeah I think part of the problem for me is the Tootdon app shut down, and of course I need something in front of my face all the time to remember it exists..

@conrad Ah thanks for the heads up! I'm curious if you know why an even newer platform was made for this community?? Hard to keep track of it all lol

@nathanlandisfunk I think the big thing was more (default) privacy? mastodon is still pretty twitter-like in terms of privacy. Look at @mike's feed for details. Yeah yet another Liturgists platform was too much for me as well!


@conrad @nathanlandisfunk I am also sticking here. Mastodon is my preferred public social media platform.

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