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Mike's dream is to create an online community that is 1. controlled by The Liturgists (to protect your data), 2. easy to use, 3. has robust anti-harassment features, & 4. protects privacy and anonymity. This Discourse community has the ability to do that and more!

If you login & register with your Patreon credentials, you'll also be able to converse in the Patron-only section without having to rely on the hosts to create posts on Patreon.

The Liturgists want to see you there! Join us today!

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Discourse is more intuitive and familiar to most used when compared to other platforms such as Slack. However, you maybe still wish to check out this handy tutorial:

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@JamesP77 Twitter is a bag of hurt. I’ve been brigaged many times. I just mute/block liberally, and take time away as needed.

Hey Liturgists! Science @mike has given the greenlight: "Shout it from the rooftops. We’re ready for a crowd!" 

Come join us over at the official The Liturgist Community (TLC ♥️)! All are welcome, including 🍌s and 🐐s! Follow this link:

@gregdolmage 12 oz of ice water. 2 scoops of Ka’Chava. 2 cups of baby spinach. 1/4 blueberries. 5 strawberries. Blend thoroughly.

It’s true that more nutritious foods cost more. But the increased financial cost is a small piece compared to the time it takes to turn healthy ingredients into meals you actually want to eat.

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GOOD NEWS: I am eating a healthy, plant-based diet and my health is improving.

BAD NEWS: I am only able to do this because neither me nor my spouse works outside the home.

We’re able to push back against the HORRIBLE food system in this country by spending hours per day planning and preparing meals.

@morrcahn we use a really reputable MTA with proper vaildation.

@thewestislandsystem @Philexvy Mastodon is my favorite archnitecutally, and I think has the most potential to displace corporate social media. But, it confuses the hell out of new people, so not many folks stick around after signing up.

@conrad And that’s why I don’t swim in public pools. They’re giant petri dishes.

Question on adult/18+ posts (non graphic) 

@Laura_I @thewestislandsystem If you use a CW and it doesn’t violate the site rules, you’re good to say pretty much anything.

@mattlaff The threading is definitely an adjustment, but people seem to be taking to it. I’ve got high hopes for this one.

@JustinM @mattlaff I just bumped you up a trust level. You can post again. :)

If you’ve ever been confused about what platforms are on and why, this page will help.

New platform 

@conrad @Daryn This is going to be the one platform to rule them all.

@ashleybc33 Our instance is one tiny slice of a larger Fediverse with hundreds of similar instances. A lot of folks here stick to the local timeline.

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