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@RadiantEmber @pandora_parrot We’ve got a lot of people signing up still, but not a ton of people posting on a regualur basis.

@katiem @vishnu It’s something he got from Ken Wilbur, if that helps.

@mike i LOVE that science mike can now tell me when there's cops ahead 😂

It may surprise many of you find out that I am not a disembodied voice! I have a face and a body, as you can see in this video recording of my recent live Ask Science Mike.

As an added bonus, this acts as a Behind the Scenes look at Ask Science Mike, because you see the unedited process of how my live events happen.

ICYMI: are offering free tickets at every stop of the Tabs & Wafers tour for people with low and restricted incomes.

Yet another reason to join the Official Liturgist Discourse Community. You can bend @mike into doing your will!

Come join us! All are welcome, including 🍌s and 🐐s! Just follow this link:

The Liturgists Community asked me to record my voice as a Waze navigation voice. Click on it, if your into that sort of thing:

Check out these custom turn-by-turn voice directions! Listen to them on your next drive with Waze:

@RobertFrancis @Pondering @Jeff I think one of the most important ideas that Michael and I have explored in the arc of the podcast is that nothing is objective involving humans, and that all human knowledge is provisional.

I just sent my VERY LATE manuscript to my publisher and I would die of happiness if I weren’t so exhausted.

@SchrodingersCuriousCat Why do say, "Fuck content warnings?" CWs are a huge part of why Mastodon is accessible to people.

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