@KMEccles I have experienced that as well. I never get spikes of stress and anxiety here.

@mamaria This is a major pattern in my life. I wish I had good advice, but the fact is I have to rely on friends to help me identify when I am falling into those kinds of relationships.

@mike Podcasts app this morning: “Porn is available.” There better be at least some erotic audio on this episode after that setup. 😂

Hi Liturgists, I am doubling down on well being in the month of October and would love to share, and receive, some book requests.

Here are mine:

- Why we sleep by Matthew Walker (@mike, this has a great chapter on narcolepsy) This book changed my life!

- The Telomere Effect by Dr Elizabeth Black Burn, good to understand the mechanisms of cellular aging and it has some awesome evidence for meditations effect on the body.

- anything by Brene Brown!

Tell me your list!

@noahebenson I develeoped those practices in therapy, not self-guided learning. :-(

Hey all remember way back when @vishnu @mike did an episode of the pod with Charity:Water? Well my birthday is coming up. I’m turning 21 and drink alcohal is great and all, but I think people need water more. Help me turn water into wine and in my birthday I’ll drink to you🖤

@conrad @nathanlandisfunk I am also sticking here. Mastodon is my preferred public social media platform.

Oh my gosh I am so excited about haveing a DnD community.

@TrelaH @vishnu @hillarymcbride We’ve got another Pete show coming soon. We talk about Crashing.

@Philipaveray That event isn’t likely, but we’ll be over there for soemthing else I’m sure.

@MicahJS My waist size is in considerable flux right now thanks to the improved nutrition and exercise. What fits today falls off next month.

@sound We’ve been in the Arctic Circle without Internet access.

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