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So any UK Liturgists here, and any from London?

Is anyone here planning on going to The End of the World Tour in Dallas?? Would love to meet up with anyone there and have a mini liturgist gathering!

The Economist just dropped a video suggest Mastodon as an alternative to Facebook. Wow.

@JamesP77 Hey James, if this place is giving you anxiety, drop it. You can try coming back later, but you don't have to. Don't put yourself through unnecessary suffering, friend.

If you've been here a while and feel like helping out, look for posts without any replies in the local feed, and offer a reply of some kind. I want us to create an intentionally supportive community.

@JamesP77 @mike Hey James! I think you're doing fine. As more people have joined, it's easier for messages to get lost in the shuffle.

My advice is to reply to people when they post something that resonates with you or that shows they may have similar interests.

Follow those people as well so their posts will show in your Home bar and you'll be less likely to miss their content.

Conversations will often flow naturally from there.

Hello new friends!

Mastodon is different--especially if you haven't used Twitter. Make sure you check out the Local timeline, , and say hello to everyone using

Twitter account = deactivated. Today is a good day.

What has two thumbs and is way too big for a middle seat?
This guy right here.

Well, it turns out the city I live in has an NFL team called the Rams, and they’re playing in the Super Bowl today. Thanks, Lyft driver.

@eriks I like Mast--it's serviceable, but not great.

Open question:

On a scale from 1 to “YASS”, how gay are you?? If fitting, how do your queer identities relate to your faith?

Also, add me!! ❤️

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CW requests for new users across the fediverse 

Ok friends, here's one of Dr. Hayhoe's videos. She has MANY, I recommend all of them.

I've been hesitating to put up "solutions" reaources because they invite so much mansplaining & abuse, & because it's a complicated discussion informed by privilege in all kinds of ways. But we can get into all that another day. For now, some things YOU can do. I'll link to another one below. (1/2)


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