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Seen on the greater fediverse (@intherain):

"If you’re looking for an ethical or open source or privacy-preserving alternative to just about any online service, here is a surprisingly comprehensive list:
There were a few things missing, but there was also a ton of stuff I hadn't heard of before."

@mike you might find this useful in your quest to de-evil your social media experience (if you aren't already aware of it).

Happy International Trans Day Of Visibility! :trans_heart: :heart_pride:

Today @liz and I attended our home church for the first time as "Liz and Shannon", and I *finally* changed my name on Facebook. If I count this as the end, my social transition took 639 days. 😂

Podcast Promotion 

@mike, I enjoyed hearing you talk about selection strategies on the latest , but was sad you didn't take a tangent into one of my favourite evolutionary concepts, the red queen hypothesis. If you don't know it, I think you will love it I also thought you'd enjoy a bit of adaptive dynamics and evolutionary suicide so here is another link

Liturgist fam-I need help finding a children’s book or 5 that feature interracial parents/families! Particularly if the mother is white and the father is black. The book(s) doesn’t have to be about interracial families necessarily, just looking for illustrations that depict such a family. Thanks in advance!

@mike Im listening to your interview on jen hatmakers pod and the story presents itself in my brain "Mike went through all of that so that he could start the liturgists and be so helpful to so many of us" but then this is the liturgists so were all like "naaaaaaaaaaaaa there aren't reasons for things that happen.... thats our prefrontal cortex trying to build narrative to convince us we are the center of the universe"

I released a new on science literacty today. I hope people listen, because wow, we need more science literacy these days.

New #TheLiturgists Podcast 

Podcast Hype 

Anyone here in the LA / San Diego area? I am coming there between 2nd-16th April and speaking a few times.

Would love to connect with anyone there! Welcome to come hear me speak as well. :)

(Hoping to catch @mike whilst I am there too!)

FB, IG, and TW’s Death Grip on Commerce 

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FB, IG, and TW’s Death Grip on Commerce 

If you’re near Boulder, CO or Portland, OR, I’d love to see you in May.

My friend Emily made an INCREDIBLE video for her spoken word piece about what it’s like to be a woman working in roles dominated by men. Wow, you’ve got to see this.

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