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To be clear: I DO NOT WANT BIDEN TO WIN. I’m just saying White America may get behind him in a big way precisedly because he’s promotiong “civility” and “niceness” as a means of social progress.

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US Politics 

The more Joe Biden doubles down on casual racism, the more I think me might not only get the nomination, but win the presidency. There’s A LOT of white people who want validation that having to be racially aware/senstive is unfair, but that Trump is too far.

Facebook destroys everything it touches. It needs to be treated like a public utility and regulated. So does Twitter.

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Sorry for the logjam in the moderation queue, yall. I was on medical rest for two weeks, and actually followed doctor’s orders for once in my life. :)

Oh man @mike was in the hospital with a heart condition! He is doing better, but still has work to do. Please do what ever you do - good vibes, prayers, warm fuzzies - he'll take them all.

Hey Liturgists fam - our little corner of the fediverse is apparently pretty hoppin! on the site, we are 52/5200 (top 1%!) in terms of number of users (3084), but 199/5200 in terms of toots - I guess that means we are less chatty than average. Thank you @mike for setting this up, and giving us an alternative to the Zuckerberg/Dorsey dystopian vision of social media. Good to be here with all of you!

#TheLiturgists #ClimateChange 

Another great reason to do what you can to help with climate change (and all the other connected injustices we face)? It inspires other people. It inspires you. Do the next right thing, big or teeny tiny. We affect each other. Don't despair, and if you do, find other people to do something with.

I'll tell you what I'm doing if it helps.

Fascinating article that the graphic comes from:

Met some amazing people this weekend at in Portland. These two were no exception. Thank you for the amazing show and work you do @mike and @vishnu

I miss her more each day.

Portrait by Gil Gamble for the upcoming book, Holy Troublemakers.

I’ve been a sobbing mess all day as I’ve flown across the country. This is a loss that hurts.

I keep thinking, what will we do without her?

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I’ve been trying to go back and tag all our episodes that have Rachel in them. You can see them at the link below. If I forgot any, let me know and I’ll update them they appear in this list.

@mastohost Any plans to add Keybase support? I see a lot of Mastodon instances showing up, and I’d love to verify my profile here.

STL Liturgists meet up 

If you're around St. Louis this weekend, we're getting together at the Blue Duck Saturday at 7:30 pm. All are welcome!

@mike You have a very persuasive ad read for Kiwico. Both crates have been a big hit and I've had so much fun helping them. I'm hoping to have them try on their own next time.


Also, for reasons I don’t understand yet, every church I’ve visited in LA where someone has recognized me has sent me running.

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I went to a very small, local episcopal church today with my daughters. I LOVED it. There was full liturgy, but an informality that only churches of less than 100 people can pull off.

No matter where I am in my “faith” or theology, I just love churches, or at least, affirming churches.

Recent post from @vishnu & @mike re. Rachel Held Evans - continue to lift her up in prayer, if you are able:

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