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@seeing4d@twitter.com It's about the ways IQ tests work. They can't take neurodiversity into account, so someone with spatial relation difficulties might not be able to do one kind of puzzle, someone with dyslexia might have trouble reading the questions, that kind of thing. IQ just isn't useful.

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@shawnwenzel@twitter.com @MizzyII@twitter.com @noUpside@twitter.com Especially autistic women, who were outright ignored for decades. Definitely getting better at understanding neurodiversity and also not villainizing it by acting like autism is worse than being disabled or killed by the diseases that vaccines protect people from.

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The sanitized version of King’s life and work — the colorblind “I have a dream” narrative — often fails to acknowledge how King’s increasing profile as a radical, anti-racist organizer.


Evangelicalism and Trump (thread) 

A spiritual director is not a teacher, not a drill sergeant of the soul. He or she offers presence and a listening ear. When called for, a spiritual director offers wisdom as well, and sometimes will help the directee imagine and dream and pray.


Let's be honest. It's challenging in 2020 to hope. How can people of faith – those who profess any sort of religious creed or spiritual principles – inspire hope in the midst of darkness?

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It's astounding how many NTs use their autistic relatives as a prop to talk over autists on autistic issues. The absolute lack of empathy and self-awareness.

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Someone should not have to explain their disability to you before you treat them like a person.

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Looking for autistic adults participants for my research study. The purpose of my study is to focus on the voice of individuals with ASD and include their lived perspectives in ed research. #autisminculsion#

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Unemployable Part 1: An Autistic Woman Ends Her Time with Career Counseling- For every autistic person who has been gaslighted by employers, counselors, or "support" personnel, this article will hit home hard. theaspergian.com/2020/01/13/un

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Neurodiversity - recognising that if 1 in 5 human beings have either ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Dyscalculia - means we can not be ‘errors of genetics’. We are not ‘disordered’ we are different. We are human. We are intelligent. “We Belong”☂️
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