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"I am encouraging a boycott of research participation by autists and parents of autistic children, unless autistic people are involved…"


The 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay" series introduces a same-sex love story inspired by findings that a high number of people on the spectrum also identify under the LGBTQ umbrella.


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Traditional churches had to make an unplanned and swift transition towards technologically-driven forms of gathering. Many church leaders felt out of their comfort zone, while experimenting with doing church online. At the same time, scholars and theologians began studying this new trends in how churches perform worship online.


Here's some hype-free, panic-free journalistic coverage of the world during this COVID-19 crisis:


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One of the unintended upsides to COVID-19 crisis is that so many faith communities are now going online and as a result, people outside their faiths get to sample and explore their beliefs and practices.

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