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"If you devote tens of [ABA] hours each week to exhaustively and exhaustingly teaching a small child that he gets a reward when he suppresses his own preferences and does exactly what he’s told, you have grievously compromised that child’s nascent sense of autonomy.” 1/2


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I was going to write a thread on what is and isn‘t internalized ableism, after having been accused of having internalized ableism because I recognize my own autistic traits.

I currently can‘t.

This is so insulting that my intense emotional reaction is disabling me from writing.

RT It's about the ways IQ tests work. They can't take neurodiversity into account, so someone with spatial relation difficulties might not be able to do one kind of puzzle, someone with dyslexia might have trouble reading the questions, that kind of thing. IQ just isn't useful.


RT Especially autistic women, who were outright ignored for decades. Definitely getting better at understanding neurodiversity and also not villainizing it by acting like autism is worse than being disabled or killed by the diseases that vaccines protect people from.


The sanitized version of King’s life and work — the colorblind “I have a dream” narrative — often fails to acknowledge how King’s increasing profile as a radical, anti-racist organizer.

Evangelicalism and Trump (thread) 

Cheap grace:

(I will expand more on this subject later but here's my "thinking out loud" version for now)

I've heard from lots of people on the political left about how they're perplexed as to why any self-professing Christian can support Donald Trump. That he is an adulterer, amoral/immoral, and so on.

Oddly enough, listening to this appeal to morality from the left reminded me of my youthful days when I became a Fundamental Baptist at the age of 15. >>>>

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