Heres the thing about those therapy and self love posts that is difficult for me: I see people sharing them and resonating with them who are actively making choices to better themselves and the world around them, and I see people sharing them who I know to be emotionally abusive, cruel people. It makes me question whether these statements really apply to everyone or just to specific people. Do they apply to me or just good people?

When two women love each other very much, a black cat shows up and moves in to their house. It’s science, or witchcraft; one of those.

Every straight couple that played YMCA at their wedding while opposing marriage equality owes me some fucking reparations

This is a local badass who started a grassroots homeless outreach that I have the privilege of serving with. I for real want to be her when I grow up.

Wow sure do love house hunting with very specific criteria and a low budget in a city with a 1.5% rental vacancy

Stop use the word tribalism, kthx

And here's a twitter thread that explains what you actually mean if you're saying tribe anyway

and as it says, Natives can say tribe. this is for all the rest of y'all and the weird ways you say that word and related terms. It's really... gross honestly.

I've heard some bad takes at weddings but I just heard the absolute worst one: the only way a man and a woman can move out of their family homes and still honor God is to get married.

Shout out to episode 100 for getting me in touch with a really cool group in my city! That's what happens when you ID yourselves on the pod.

PSA your posts here are searchable on Google and other search engines unless you opt out of search-engine indexing under preferences in your profile.

Omw to voodoo too! who is going to voodoo with me? I already promised to bring back voodoo to a friend who couldn't make it tonight, and I didn't promise not to bring the cock and balls

One thing I've been struggling with in conversations about leaving the Evangelicalism I grew up in is defining fundamentalism. I never saw my family as fundamentalist because we were allowed to engage in non-christian media and my mom had a full time job, but others see the Christian schooling, conservatism, Church every Sunday and Youth group every Wednesday and are unsure how it could be anything else.

My daily roasts are my morning coffee, my afternoon coffee, and the enneathought email.


Could it be that reconstruction of our beliefs is what Jesus calls being 'born again'?

@mirkwooddoll girl if you really wanna do this you have to give rap an actual, long-term chance, LOL. I assume Childish Gambino is on your list? Propaganda as well? My personal fav lately is Emily King, also Lianne La Havas. And the OGs of course: Tracy Chapman, India Arie, Erykah Badu. Obviously Mavis Staples. George Benson. Marvin Gaye.

Yours?? Always looking for music

I've started doing an annual white people music fast where I get recommendations of music made by artists of color. I've exhausted most of my Facebook recommendations and found a few gems, but there was a lot of repetition. I like everything from quiet folk to black metal and I'm starting to listen to even rap and country. Give me your recs!

Me trying explain to my mom, who doesn't understand the enneagram, that my dad is a 3 that is convinced he's a 5: He thinks he's Spock but he's really Kirk
Her, experiencing a revelation: hold on, I'm texting that to all his sisters.

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