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Still can't stop thinking about RHE. 😭 My prayers have devolved to "pleasepleaseplease"

For a long time my assumption was that I would go and find another church community. Now I’m just not interested anymore. I’m also having fatigue about try to define any sort of spiritual belief. I know I believe, I know the Christian idea of God kind of works for me. But I want to make zero effort on it right now. But I honestly feel a little guilty.

Just heard of Holi today! The festival of colour and love. Sounds amazing! It’s the Google Doodle today.

Anyone here good at Draw.io? I’m trying to put a hyperlink to a document in our Windows directory in a shape.

Back to a new gym today. It felt so much more comfortable than my previous gym. It gives me encouragement to find this welcoming space. That said I don’t think I will be able to raise my arms tomorrow.

This year I have been focussing on intuitive eating and finding a healthy relationship with exercise. In order to do that I had to step back from the gym. Today I joined a new gym and I met with the nutritionist who practises intuitive eating. Super excited!

White Jesus maybe we could find another Jesus maybe not so well known. Man this song is brilliant @vishnu

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Hey! I’m having a crappy week. Tell me something good. Cute pictures and videos accepted.

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