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My name is Monica. I’m in Manitoba, Canada. Treaty 1 territory. Teacher, grad student, parent, wife. She/her.

Started faith deconstruction about 10 years ago when the only people I could find to talk about this stuff with were online. Now there some irl and I am grateful.

My deconstruction has not stopped however as I’m deeply invested in deconstructing patriarchy, racism, classism, etc. I am not finding people in my circles to talk about this with yet, so online it is!

I remember reading a blog post about truth about a year or so ago. It was about how what we know to be true changes as we learn. I have been trying to find it and have had no luck. I feel like I heard about it through this community. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

problematic elements in Alita: Battle Angel 

I watched Alita: Battle Angel this weekend. Since I’ve extended my deconstruction to include racism, patriarchy, etc. I can’t watch movies the way I used to. For example I loved Avatar when it first came out and for many years after. Now I see how incredibly problematic it is. If you’ve watched Alita, I’m curious to know what popped out as problematic. I need help to get better at this. 🤓

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The Liturgists' Social Media 

@mike going through social media platforms like I’ve gone through worldviews

white supremacy 

Has anyone does the Me and White Supermacy workbook by Layla Saad?

Looking for good documentaries! Any suggestions?

I facilitate a docu-discussion evening for people in my church. We watch a documentary and then discuss.
- Looking for docs that help us see the world in new ways
- social issues
- Preferably not “Christian” docs but I’m open. If it’s like the Liturgists it’s all good.
- The church group is open and not much would be out of bounds.

Mmmmmmmm ....
“It all looks beautifully obvious - in the rear mirror… but there are situations where [one] needs great imaginative power, combined with disrespect for the traditional current of thought, to discover the obvious.” Arthur Koestler

Anyone know of any theologians from the global south that you would recommend reading?

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My life is really stressful right now, both personally and professionally. Even with that, I still feel tremendous relief to be off of corporate social media. I didn’t realize how much algorithmic news feeds were driving me to experience anxiety.

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Teacher friends: Has your faith journey had any impact on your teaching? If so, in what ways? If not, in what ways do you keep your faith separate from your professional life?

And this ... from Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom by bell hooks.

“An educator in a system of oppression is either a revolutionary or an oppressor.”
Lerone Bennett

I’ve been preparing an assignment, reading bell hooks, Freire and Augusto Boal. Then came across this quote and I’m feeling convicted. Woah.

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were a major part of why I set up this server in the first place. Using them makes it easier for a lot of perspectives to share space.

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When you have questions about issues of identity, use a content warning. That means someone can answer your question, and you aren't shamed for asking it, but those who are most impacted by your curiosity and new growth won't be triggered by it.

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Because this is , this instance will include LGBTQ people AND people trying to work through their theology around marriage. Our server will include people of color AND people who are just starting to confront white supremacy. This split will apply as well to feminism, womanism, ableism, etc.

I like that. I want it to be a good thing. Here's how we can do that:

I really struggle with being kind or being fierce. With jumping in for the fight and "justice" or calmly asking questions and moving dialogue forward.

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Last night ...
Mom: We watched The Case for Christ with our church group last night.
Dad: I wanted to watch Anthropocene.
Mom: TCFC was a much better choice. It's about an atheist who became a Christian and then became a pastor of Willow Creek.
Me: Oh ... so it's just about Christians winning and getting more Christians to become Christians? How about watching something that provokes Christians to do something about climate change, racism, classism, patriarchy, capitalism ... sorry.

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If we're serious about confronting white supremacy, we have to also understand that whiteness presents itself as a set of cultural norms anywhere there's a few or more white people.

That includes white people who are trying to wake up and show up in racial justice.

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I am not ashamed of being a white person, and frankly, I find it absurd when people accuse me of being ashamed of being white.

I don't hate white people. I am a white person.

I'm a white person who wants to tear down white supremacy. I am a white person who sees and understands the problems whiteness create in our culture and our ecology.

This is not complicated.

I'm taking a grad course, "Drama in Inquiry." The first assignment is to choose a theorist (I chose bell hooks), choose an embodied exercise (I'm reading through Augusto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed ... I think I've found something that could work), and teach the class about the essential work of the theorist in an embodied way. Last week we used our bodies to explore Freire -- who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor. It's all blowing my mind. Anyone explored stuff like this before?

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