Any of our family also listen to the podcast? Lots of crossover themes and ideas between the two, and I've found Irenicast very helpful.

@monotone I haven’t heard this podcast, will have to give it a listen. Thanks for the suggest friend.

Looking at how long it’s been on and what the episode list is like, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before. Is it more focused on “progressive Christianity”? If so perhaps that would make it a bit narrow for a typical Liturgist. I’m certainly going to listen to a couple of episodes. Thanks!

@Turnquist it's got more of a specific progressive/post-evangelical Christian flavour, that's true, but no more so than many Liturgist episodes, I'd say. I'd try some older ones first, the last half dozen or so haven't been as strong.

@monotone @Turnquist I've also enjoyed the irenicast. There is a great dynamic between the hosts and they are very well read. I've really enjoyed reading a lot of the books/authors I hear about on their podcast

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