Has anyone experienced a deconstruction of marriage after deconstruction of faith?

@mike I remember you mentioned a study on how different view of god influenced how people view themselves and the world. (simplified) believing in an angry god makes people more angry/anxious | believing in a loving god makes you more compassionate.

Am I remembering this correctly? Where can I find this study?

Open relationships 

Over the past 1.5 years my wife and I decided to start swinging and just last week decided to be sexually open (with guidelines)

This journey has revealed so much to both of us, uncovering deep insecurities & jealousies that would have otherwise laid hidden.

If you feel sexually attracted to other people, have the conversation. If you decide to remain monogamous, great! If not, great!

Honesty is far more important than not hurting someone’s feelings or feeling insecure.

“We see water in a glass like the astronauts saw the earth from the moon. Calm. Gleaming. Blue. From the moon they could see nothing of the exuberant agitation of the life on earth. It’s plants and animals, desires and despairs, only a veined blue ball.“
- Carlo Rovelli

I’ve got a face that says, “Sure! Tell me your deepest darkest secret while we’re stuck on this airplane for the next 3 hours.”

The pilot of my flight said, “we’re 38,000 ft above beautiful Mother Earth right now”


Every time I get WiFi in an airplane I’m amazed by technology. It’s an incredibly simple thing and I know it’s not the most complex thing in the world, but being able to text while traveling hundreds of mph through clouds is surreal.

Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions:

Write complex & profound ideas in a language that a 7 year old can understand.

I’ve noticed people turning their heads to look at me as I pass them on the street.

At first I thought It was because I looked weird.

Then I thought I was getting hotter.

After a week of this someone finally approached me and told me the real reason people keep looking at me. She said, “OMG! You look so much like JVN! You know, from queer eye‽”

Hey @vishnu! I just wanted to say thank you for your thoughtful answer to my (many) questions about Buddhism and social activism on @mike’s podcast last week! Your answer was very freeing and affirming, and it really meant a lot to me, so thanks :) Also, yes, I will absolutely be your friend! I wish Detroit and LA were a little closer—hopefully I can catch you at a Tabs & Wafers or a Gathering sometime. Until then, if you ever need another friend in Michigan, you’ve got one!

Go listen to Rings by Pinegrove.

It reminds me of waking up in the mornings at my friend’s house, before cell phones and responsibilities; sun streaming through the window, my friends sleeping on the other side of the sectional, taking in the slow morning.

down the rabbit hole and trying to wrap my head around what it will take to set up my own home server...

does anyone know about this stuff? specifically getting and setting up a Raspberry Pi or something similar to run Nextcloud on?

pointers to articles or instructions for dummies would be greatly appreciated.

To our New Zealand family & our Muslim kin, wherever you are, we mourn with you.
To white supremacy, our collective love is greater than all of your rancid hate.
We are stronger together. 🖤✌🏽❤️

@Vaashtii I too find these statements pretty insensitive, and annoying at best. Not because I really think there is absolutely nothing good to come in the future. But more because these statements end up hushing someone in process or in grief. It silences rather than opens dialogue. It's a patronizing, pacifying platitude. Like I said, annoying at best. It says more about the person speaking it than about the future of the person it's spoken to.

The more that I learn of the historical Jesus, not the mythological one, the more I love his boldness & story. Listen to Zealot by Raza Aslan!

-Dakota Wint on YouTube
-Koi Freaco (Vishudda Das) on YouTube
-Ram Dass Here and Now Podcast
-Krishna Das Pilgrim Heart Podcast
-The Upanishads
-The Ramayana
-The Bhagavad Gita

@mrhurricanefred that’s okay! Honestly, I didn’t either until I had a transcendental experience with Kundalini meditation. It was the most transformative experience I had other than the first time I spoke in tongues. After my experience, I wanted to find answers.

Began listening to God: A Human History by Reza Aslan. Though a historical & sociological book, I find it a beautiful story of the human development of the gods.

I’ll be visiting Seattle & San Diego between March 17-21. Are there any fancy Liturgist friends who’d like to grab a drink or dinner?

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