Shameless self promotion:

I finished shooting my first music video for my band and it’s finally live on the interwebz! I’d love if you’d give it a watch and let me know your thoughts.

@mrhurricanefred Dude. This is great. I'm sometimes afraid to promote myself. And on here I refrain because they say its not really a Mastodon thing, but I've got to remember that sometimes you can share things authentically, with the honest purpose of speaking life into their lives through your work. really enjoyed the song and the video. As a musician and filmmaker myself I'd love to talk details of the shoot if you're up for it. specifically gear and creative process.

@DanDrake I totally get that. I’ve been trying to embody my inner hip hop artist and be ok with talking about/being proud of myself.

I’d love to talk about the process. I’m going to do a YouTube video breaking down some of what I did as well, but that won’t be super detailed.

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