Liturgists (and onlookers), are you participating in this week and next? How so?

My work has given us the 20th and 27th off to get involved. I work for an awesome small business but work remotely in a very small town. Not sure whether demonstrations are planned here yet, but I think the schools are involved. I'm going to get out on the streets with a sign and/or raise some awareness on my socials.

Me: Hi, I'm David and I'm a Liturgist.
You: "Hi, David."

For , I've been listening to the podcast for a long time, even went to a Gathering, where I met lots of great people. That's why I'm here. I live in Haida Gwaii, a group of islands in Canada but near Alaska, so I work and do lots of other things remotely. Musician, composer, marketing guy, cat and dog person. Love hiking and not going to church. Online communities are important to me so I'm glad to be here. 💨

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For all you Mary Oliver fans out there, here’s a gift to you from Winter Hours.

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for :

I feel like the liturgists will enjoy this one.

How Long 'til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemison is onsale as an ebook for $4.99 today.

N.K. Jemison is an amazing author, and this is her most recent release-a collection of short stories inspired by her realization that poc seem to be missing from sci fi, wondering if poc have a place in dreams of the future.

Activism is science fiction-it forces us to imagine a future better than our present.

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aside: if you're new to Mastodon, a common thing when using CWs is to indicate the sentiment of the post for a little extra context. (+) and (-) mean what you'd expect, and (~) generally means neutral or both positive and negative sentiment. :)

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I didn't watch the Super Bowl and spent my afternoon baking instead.

Was there a best commercial, though? Sometimes they can be good.

I'm writing some choral music tonight, working toward a deadline. 🎶

I might take some toot breaks along the way though. Wish me luck.

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@Amanda @sarahwright If you want to learn more, I created a bot that toots a different tip about mastodon every day at @hint_bot . It cycles through the same list all the time and I haven't added new tips in a while, but they're still helpful!

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@mike I’m sure this has been asked, but I just caught up on the recent and episodes. I feel the fire to bring down big business social media, as it has also consistently caused me stress & anxiety. However, as a creative, freelancing, self-employed musician, social media is one of the few ways I gain new clients and network. Do you (or anyone!) have suggestions for how to minimize/eradicate social media, while not completely destroying my business & finances?

For some reason it delights me that our server is in France.

On the A+R podcast, @mike compared Mastodon to email. Does that mean that my messages here stay private from people outside this instance and don't follow me? Unless someone uses a hashtag on the thread, I assume.

Still figuring this out.

@narwhalia You know, other than the silent pressure that comes from centuries of religion and culture expressed through a dogmatic church of origin. 💩

Anyone else facing similar family awkwardness?

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Hey everyone. Long time Liturgist, second time tooter. I’m curious if any other ex- or ev-angelicals here have made the decision *not* to have kids?

My partner and I have been married for 11 yrs; we’re in our 30s. We made that decision together almost a year ago but I haven’t told my family. I know it’s the right decision for us but I feel an awkward need to tell my parents and, I dunno... get their support, I guess. I feel they’ll be disappointed, even though they never overtly pressure us.

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