So frustrating that a group meant to help folks who need it most appears to be treating their data so loosely. @mike have you heard about this? I haven't had time to fact check I'm afraid, but ugh.

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long 18th C rant 

@Pixley Again, the corrupt and unsound form of speaking in the plural number to a single person, you to one, instead of thou, contrary to the pure, plain, and single language of truth, thou to one, and you to more than one, which had always been used by God to men, and men to God, as well as one to another, from the oldest record of time till corrupt men, for corrupt ends, in later and corrupt times, to flatter, fawn, and work upon the corrupt nature in men, brought in that false and senseless way of speaking you to one, which has since corrupted the modern languages, and hath greatly debased the spirits and depraved the manners of men;—this evil custom I had been as forward in as others, and this I was now called out of, and required to cease from.

by Mark Nepo

I’ve been watching stars
rely on the darkness they
resist. And fish struggle with
and against the current. And
hawks glide faster when their
wings don’t move.

Still I keep retelling what
happens till it comes out
the way I want.

The new Julien Baker songs (Red Door and Conversation Piece) are now two of my favourites by her (and that's saying a lot). She's incredible.

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New platform 

In case y’all haven’t heard: @mike started using another platform called Discourse - it seems so much smoother, easier to use, more secure, and simply better! Definitely worth checking out - you can find links in recent show notes

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Get well soon, @mike 🕯️ Glad to hear you're on the mend. You've been such a gift in my own journey of science and faith, and I am thankful for your kindness, acceptance, and willingness to ask the hard questions and go wherever it may lead. I hope we can be equally supportive of you as you heal, and as you figure out what changes you need to make in order for things to be less stressful. I honestly can't imagine how you and @vishnu do all that you do. Know that you are not taken for granted. 💛

Gender pronouns question 

Hi friends! Thought this might be a good place to ask this. I'm a TA for a couple lab sessions. I'm never quite sure what pronouns to use for my students, since there are too many to know individually. I've stuck with they/them for everyone, but that seems awkward for the ones who present as cis. I don't want to seem like I'm singling out the trans students though - there are at least a couple who seem to be. Does anyone else have a similar situation or good suggestions?

presentation anxiety, eye contact (not a picture) 

I had to give a big presentation this week. I'm nearsighted, so I found that when I took my glasses off, I could still see my notes, mostly see my slides, and see sort of people-like shapes in the audience. They all looked so friendly and blurry and attentive! Much less intimidating to make eye contact this way 😂

Thankful for Rachel Held Evans, and grieving her passing. She showed me how to face my questions and doubts head-on, and to honour them as sacred, too. Hers was a voice that was wise, gracious, and honest, when that was (and is still) so needed. We miss you already, Rachel. 🕯️

Deconstruction, religion, maintaining relationships 

It’s so hard to know how to talk to, support, and love friends and family who are still evangelical, knowing they might call me out for ‘sinning’, and not let myself get dragged back into that shame- and fear-based mindset. Does this just get better with time?

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i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

-Warsan Shire


Sri Lanka bombings, Christchurch, terrorism 

What can we even say in the face of horrific tragedy and violence like the church bombings in Sri Lanka? Like Christchurch, and like all of the other bombings, shootings, burnings?
Holding this aching world, and all of us within it, in all love and light.
🇱🇰 🇳🇿

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