@mike wondering whatever happened to that hashtag for LA Liturgists to meet up, is that still a thing?

Hey friends! Is there a hashtag for folks living in LA who meet up? I’m here for a month trying to see if LA is the right permanent move for me and would love some in person community!

Hey all, I’m really excited about the possibilities with this platform but I’ll be honest I’m struggling with a bit of fomo. It feels like soooo much conversation that I’m missing out on and I think it overwhelms me. I see so many topics blow by that I want to engage in and just can’t or I’d be on here all day.

How are others handling that? Also can someone point me to a few key or important hashtags that a lot of people are using for good discussion? I’m feeling a bit lost :)

I've been on here awhile trying to learn the platform and somehow missed this so I'll do it now.

Grew up in Indonesia as an MK/PK. Went to school for art, specifically photo and sculpture. Went through deconstruction after college but had plenty of years leading up to the inevitable. Now working to put things back together. 4w3, currently thinking a lot about next steps in my life after some personal shit has spilled my pretty little towers all over the place.

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Excuse me while I leave the thread for a while. came out and I’ve been waiting 13 years for this.

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I'm going to admit something... I don't get what an "earth sandwich" is or why it's profound (but I want the secret t-shirt!) @mike

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To all my East Coast , stay safe and warm, and enjoy the day off if you can!

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Boost this and I’ll assign you a flower!

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MEN I want y'all to hear me: you are a loving, healing force in my heart. In the last 48 hours, we have (1) giggled at our cute dogs/cats, (2) gotten DRUNK () & chatted freely & gleefully, & (3) I have shared my knowledge of . NOT ONE of you has explained my ideas to me, relentlessly cross examined/dismissed me, cussed at me, or talked to me as anything but your friend on equal footing. We have been PALS. This has NEVER EVER happened to me online. ♥️♥️♥️

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