Hey all, looking for some advice about being present for those with substance abuse and recovery. I had a call today to help and felt under prepared. I want to be clear the person is safe and will remain so, but as an additional resource on their journey, I want to be as helpful as I can. Thanks

For those still hurting over today's UMC decision. I want to share with you a song by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan called Faithfully Angry, based on Psalm 58. His work has helped me in the past and I hope it can help you.


As a UCC'er at a historically UCC seminary, there were more UMC than any other denomination. Even still many former UMC attended my seminary because they were LGBTQIA. I have had professors risk their ordination by performing same sex weddings, I have had classmates risk their ordination by coming out. Today my heart breaks. But as a Christ follower, I know death precedes Resurrection.

I was born, baptized, confirmed, and ordained in the Untied Church of Christ. Steeped in the tradition of a German immigrant congregation as a fifth generation member in the heart of Columbus Ohio, I am thankful that my community encouraged me to think critically, love openly, and to pay attention to the world around us. After College and Seminary, and a short stint as a chaplain in a retirement home, I made my way to Montana where I currently serve a church as their pastor.

I am really excited for this platform. As someone who never left the church, but finds the conversations around those who have meaningful, I look forward to the ways in which this community might imagine, well, community.

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