: As a teenager, Ingrid Michaelson watched "Friends" and thought Phoebe Buffay was being portrayed unironically as a good singer who should be emulated, which she went on to do far too well.

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/memorials for 29-31 October and a few other recent dates:

GNU Nick Anderson, cellist.
GNU Vaughan Meader, political comedian.
GNU Walter Ralegh, poet and historian.
GNU Stewart Dadmun, physician.
GNU John Houseman, thespian.
GNU Eugene V. Debs, statesman.
GNU George S. McGovern, statesman.
GNU Matthew Shephard :pride_flag: , martyr.

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

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writing automated tests is pretty tedious but its not as tedious as not knowing if your shit works

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when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

Alcoholism, copyediting, and weird Anglican ecclesiastical jurisdictions 

[2/2 cont'd]
Thomas Edison, inventor.
GNU Walt Kelly, political cartoonist. [cont'd]

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

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/#Jahrzeit for 17 and 18 October. Please pray (or your equivalent) for them and for us to learn from them.

GNU The Honorable Elijah Cummings "of Bawlmer, hon!," may he rest in power.

GNU Herblock, political cartoonist.
GNU Randall Jarrell, poet.
GNU Julia Ward Howe, poet.
GNU S.J. Perelman, author.
GNU Charles Babbage, cooperator with Ada Lovelace in the invention of the machine you're reading this on.[cont'd]

Thank you and farewell, Congressman Elijah Cummings of Baltimore. Rest In Power, hon.

/ memorials for 4 October. ("GNU" is a term from a novel meaning, in this context, approximately, "may this name never perish," for reasons too complicated to go into here, and besides, Sir Terry tells it better than I ever could.)

GNU Francesco Bernardone.
GNU Gordon Cooper.

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

UK pol (funny) (no spiders) 

#GNU / #Jahrzeit memorials for 20 September 

#Brexit (funny, or at least curious) 

#GNU / #Jahrzeit memorials 

/ memorials for 17 September:

GNU St. Hildegard of Bingen, scholar, composer, mystic, creator.
GNU Dred Scott, abolitionist.
GNU Folke Bernadotte, diplomat, humanitarian.
GNU Red Skelton, actor.

And always:
GNU Natalie Nguyen.
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.

I want to start a habitual practice, but I'm having a big problem that I wonder if anyone could help me with.

Yes, I am genuinely grateful that I have access to health care, a home, a loving family, and so many other people, things, and situations.

But as soon as I think of one of these, I remember there are people, even in my own neighborhood, who don't have these things. So am I being grateful, or just first-world smug ("I'm all right, Jack")? What's your experience with this?

/ memorials for 16 September:

GNU Anne Bradstreet, poet.
GNU Millicent Fenwick, U.S. stateswoman.
GNU Mary Travers, musician.

And always:
GNU Natalie Nguyen.
GNY Elizabeth Whitfield.

US politics (North Carolina) 

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