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Bring me modern Austrian composers and do it Ligeti split

If you'd like to drop a line to the US government lawyer who argued in court that kids without beds, soap, or toothbrushes in () are perfectly safe and healthy, she's Sarah Fabian, US Dept of "Justice," PO Box 878, Ben Franklin Station, Wash. DC 20044.

DO NOT confuse her with another Sarah Fabian, who's a lawyer in San Francisco and Guam. She's not the same person.

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Does anyone in know why the usually flown at Normal & University Avenues in is sometimes (e.g., today) temporarily replaced with a flag? Is this a specifically celebratory or memorial day, or is it just a nice gesture of cycling through various LGBTQIA+ emblems?

Band name:
Homage to Catatonia.
(Revolutionary socialist relaxing deep house covers. In Spanish.)

A question for's exvangelicals & evangelicals and anybody else who might know the answer:

I'm curious about the usage of the term "people group." Is it, as I suspect, used almost exclusively in evangelical missionary circles? Is it directly substitutable for "ethnic group" and vice versa, or is there a distinction? Do professional anthropologists, sociologists, and other social scientists use the term at all?

A lulz for linguists and early childhood educators; nothing triggering. 

Tricky geography quiz question, just for lulz, nothing triggering/offensive 

Question, largely for : Someone in a chain of friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friends asked me if I had heard of some kind of alt-Episcopal service of praise-singing, clapping, drumming, etc., that was sort of like Taize, sort of "Sufi-ish," but had a name with "a lot of C's in it, like chimichanga or cannoli" (hey, I'm just repeating what they said 🙄 ), possibly a person's name or place name. And it wasn't "Taize" and it wasn't "Charismatic." Anybody have an idea what this might be?

(1) US politics; (2) world history; (3) presidential ignorance of (2); (4) bad optics caused by (3) 

(1) US politics; (2) world history; (3) presidential ignorance of (2); (4) bad optics caused by (3) 


The Significant Figures
and their opening act,
22.86cm Nails

We and folks of course love picking out the on , like "perp walk," and "totally," and other stuff that was soooooo not 1958. But I haven't seen any TV critics suggesting that these anachronisms are deliberate. Might they be? Discuss. 50 points :)

(And yeah, there are more disturbing errors too, like the lack of portrayal of racism or really vicious sexism, as if the 1950s were a paradise of politeness. But I digress.)

Do something spacey on Thursday to celebrate the feast of St. Nicolaus Copernicus and St. Johannes Kepler!

No, seriously, they are listed as the saints du jour in the U.S. Episcopal Church's calendar for May 23.

Certain other denominations' mileages may vary (I'm lookin' at YOU, Señor Bergoglio).

Joke; spoiler alert! 

mh, book (novel) recommendation 

mh (mental health), hospitals, phones 

mh (mental health), hospitals, phones 

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The AR-15 was named after Ayn Rand and the maximum age at which it's okay to think she should be taken seriously

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