Question, largely for : Someone in a chain of friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friends asked me if I had heard of some kind of alt-Episcopal service of praise-singing, clapping, drumming, etc., that was sort of like Taize, sort of "Sufi-ish," but had a name with "a lot of C's in it, like chimichanga or cannoli" (hey, I'm just repeating what they said 🙄 ), possibly a person's name or place name. And it wasn't "Taize" and it wasn't "Charismatic." Anybody have an idea what this might be?

@ValR Bingo! That's very likely what it was. I'll send it up the chain of friends-of-a-friends and see if that's what the original observer was talking about, but it does fit. And it does sound like the name of an Italian dessert, too :) Thank you.

@Jill It could be drum circles -- one of the local Episcopal churches, of the more happy-clappy persuasion, has a roster of those -- but that isn't the name that my friend was told. And it's not contemplative worship, because I take part in that and it's totally silent, no singing or drumming. Thanks for the suggestions, though! When I find out more I'll let you know!

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