I want to start a habitual practice, but I'm having a big problem that I wonder if anyone could help me with.

Yes, I am genuinely grateful that I have access to health care, a home, a loving family, and so many other people, things, and situations.

But as soon as I think of one of these, I remember there are people, even in my own neighborhood, who don't have these things. So am I being grateful, or just first-world smug ("I'm all right, Jack")? What's your experience with this?

@nonnatus I think I find gratitude when I recognize the utility of something in my life, when I see how it enriches my life and how I can reciprocate. I try to get rid of things I am not really grateful for. Even objects can be codependent, thrusting their love on you and demanding response.

@nonnatus you are being grateful and socially conscious. I struggle with this too, especially when I see homeless people asking for money.

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