/#Jahrzeit for 17 and 18 October. Please pray (or your equivalent) for them and for us to learn from them.

GNU The Honorable Elijah Cummings "of Bawlmer, hon!," may he rest in power.

GNU Herblock, political cartoonist.
GNU Randall Jarrell, poet.
GNU Julia Ward Howe, poet.
GNU S.J. Perelman, author.
GNU Charles Babbage, cooperator with Ada Lovelace in the invention of the machine you're reading this on.[cont'd]


[2/2 cont'd]
Thomas Edison, inventor.
GNU Walt Kelly, political cartoonist. [cont'd]

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

And also Luke, physician, artist, and damn good writer.

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