Pandemic, uspol, sardonic 

FAMOUS MEDICAL MILESTONES: November 17, 1968: Clever schoolchild Debbie Birx discovers the Cloroxium molecule.

Alcoholism, copyediting, and weird Anglican ecclesiastical jurisdictions 

You Know You're A Recovering Alcoholic When....
you're a copyeditor and you see the world "peculiar" and stop for a long fraction of a second thinking, "isn't that spelled 'Peculier'"?

A lulz for linguists and early childhood educators; nothing triggering. 

Translation: "My kid flunked first-grade morphology."

Art, Easter, bad pun, alcohol, and Swedes (not the vegetable) 

Happy Easter!, and herewith, the painting "Resurrection" by the Swedish-Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum (born 1944), who insists he is not an "artist" but rather a "kitch painter."

I just recently learned about him when I saw his name on the cover of a book in the library, and I wondered, "Nerdrum -- isn't that what software pirates drink when binary 1111 of them are sitting on a dead man's chest?"

UMC controversy, but positive 

Good News in Denver 🏳️‍🌈💙

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