#GNU Memorials for May 9 

Memorials for those who died on May 9th and 10th in this and previous years:
GNU Little Richard 🎵 🍦
GNU Friedrich Schiller, poet.
GNU Leopold Figl, Austrian antiNazi.
GNU Walter Reuther, labor leader.
GNU Paul Revere, revolutionary.
GNU Shel Silverstein, author and illustrator.
And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

a thin red line flag with "communist lives matter" on the red line

A toot essay on options for long distance radio communications, openly transmitted or otherwise. Off the top of my muddled noggin, but hopefully helpful pointers to people who need rugged and creative options.


#radio #hamradio #aprs #meshnet #encryption #communications #infosec
#India #China #中國 #anarchism

Stop. Don’t read anything about this commercial. Just watch it and try to guess what the product being pitched is.


They do give us a clue in the very first seconds of the ad -- they cite statistics on patents, and patents are, by definition, monopolies. So I totally should have seen this coming. But didn't.
I shudder to think what the streets and other properties in that version of the game are named.

#GNU memorials May 7-8 

Memorials to those who died on May 7th and 8th in past years:

GNU Paul Popham, AIDS activist.
GNU Antoine Lavoisier, chemist and victim of the death penalty.
GNU Rudolf Serkin, musician.
GNU Larry Levis, poet.
GNU Maurice Sendak, gone to where the wild things are.

#GNU Memorials May 6th 

GNU Christine Kirch, astronomer.
GNU Alexander von Humboldt, naturalist.
GNU L. Frank Baum 🧙
GNU Henry David Thoreau, philosopher.
GNU Maurice Maeterlinck, playwright.
GNU Maria Montessori, educator.
GNU Zhou Zuoren, author and reformer.
GNU Ezra Jack Keats, author and illustrator.
GNU Marlene Dietrich, actor.
And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.


For May 5:
Bret Harte, author.
GNU Bobby Sands, Irish hunger striker and UK MP.
GNU Irving Howe, democratic socialist writer.
GNU Mikhail Botvinnik, chess world champion and computer scientist.
GNU Walter Sisulu, prisoner of conscience and anti-apartheid activist.
And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

Happens in open captioning too, where they are translating foreign dialogue. In "Archangel," a Daniel Craig thriller set in Russia, sometimes they actually translated Russian dialogue but other times they just said "[speaking in foreign language]" even when that specific bit of Russian dialogue was CRUCIAL TO THE PLOT and should have been translated.

@ashley Also, why are there two hierarchies that are the total opposite of each other. I'm the CLIENT (boss) and the big server in the Nevada desert is the SERVER (peon); but when I order the server to send me a file, I have to click on a DOWN arrow symbolizing DOWNload, which is silly because the peon is supposed to be handing it UP to me on My Throne forged from 1000 silicon swords. This is what happens when STEM majors don't take humanities courses where they could learn about metaphor.

You know my friend Mark's advice on movies: Never watch one that critics call a "tour de force" or a "sensitive portrayal," or that was directed by somebody whose surname ends in a vowel. (Corrolary: All Swedish surnames are hereby defined as ending in an honorary vowel.) Film Studies courses tend to have a steady diet of those categories in their syllabus :)

Lulz, I read this toot just after coming from a (virtual) church service where the reading du jour was the bit that begins "You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its flavor...."

Here's a soundtrack to play while removing the bad salt from your computer -- the Rolling Stones' "Salt of the Earth": youtube.com/watch?v=eOiLH-2hTP. (Joan Baez and Judy Collins have good cover versions too.)

🤕 oof, bad day to be a salt consumer


Looks like salt has unwittingly distributed a WORM and is now being subject to crypto-mining backdoors, which is anyones guess what the actual use of these will be for...

#exploit #salt #supplychainpoison

You're luckier than the much larger number of students who drift off to sleep 10 minutes into class.

Happy ! The date on which (as one wag put it) a smaller Mexican force defeated the French army, back when "defeating the French army" was actually something to brag about.

50th anniversary of Kent State massacre 

"Four dead in Ohio":

Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer, William Schroeder

#GNU, Memorials 

Memorials for May 3:

GNU Christine Jorgensen, transgender advocate
GNU The Executed Leaders of the Irish Easter Rebellion
GNU Thorvald Stauning, Danish anti-fascist statesman
GNU Wally Schirra, astronaut

And always
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield
GNU Natalie Nguyen

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