: As a teenager, Ingrid Michaelson watched "Friends" and thought Phoebe Buffay was being portrayed unironically as a good singer who should be emulated, which she went on to do far too well.

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/memorials for 29-31 October and a few other recent dates:

GNU Nick Anderson, cellist.
GNU Vaughan Meader, political comedian.
GNU Walter Ralegh, poet and historian.
GNU Stewart Dadmun, physician.
GNU John Houseman, thespian.
GNU Eugene V. Debs, statesman.
GNU George S. McGovern, statesman.
GNU Matthew Shephard :pride_flag: , martyr.

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

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writing automated tests is pretty tedious but its not as tedious as not knowing if your shit works

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when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

@lavender Ack, I recently went back to my old workplace for the first time in 20 years and almost broke out in hives. The boss there was always about "SHIP IT!" And I was the testing manager, who was always about "NOT YET!" Guess who always won. Ack.

Alcoholism, copyediting, and weird Anglican ecclesiastical jurisdictions 

@mxsiege "...While getting coffee." Or is it "while getting filtered-water pour-over fair trade sourced single-estate Kenya peaberry >1800MSL honey process (which does not use actual honey, you silly noobs) served at precisely 170 deg F."? I mean, this wouldn't be on 4chan, but there's probably a demographic where the "meme economy" means that. I hope I never encounter it. I like my coffee black, not dank :)

@RadiantEmber And also I believe that that's not my fault; that God (who is genderless, or gender-universal) loves me; and that the whole system is still evil and that I am complicit in it an cannot not be. Catch-22. That's what "original sin" is. The next step is to do what one can to get out of that and the patriarchy and everything else on the grid. I guess. I may be entirely wrong.

@RadiantEmber Well actually I (a straight cis male) had a rather deep chat with my therapist (a bi cis female) about this today and yes, indeed, I have no idea about that. We are going to talk about that more. But my transgender daughter started that convo with me and with her mom many years ago, to her great credit.

My ("male") gender does NOT "work for me," but I also understand that I am the beneficiary of partiarchy. This is what "original sin" means: I am "wrong" from birth.

@TrelaH Thanks for the reminder, I'll definitely GNU him on his day -- March 12! Without Sir Terry there would be no eternal X-clacks-overhead. Thank you.

And also Luke, physician, artist, and damn good writer.

[2/2 cont'd]
Thomas Edison, inventor.
GNU Walt Kelly, political cartoonist. [cont'd]

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

/#Jahrzeit for 17 and 18 October. Please pray (or your equivalent) for them and for us to learn from them.

GNU The Honorable Elijah Cummings "of Bawlmer, hon!," may he rest in power.

GNU Herblock, political cartoonist.
GNU Randall Jarrell, poet.
GNU Julia Ward Howe, poet.
GNU S.J. Perelman, author.
GNU Charles Babbage, cooperator with Ada Lovelace in the invention of the machine you're reading this on.[cont'd]

Thank you and farewell, Congressman Elijah Cummings of Baltimore. Rest In Power, hon.

@Sabrina For grits inspiration (and general entertainment) you can watch the fabulous documentary film "It's Grits" at folkstreams.net/film-detail.ph. It shows folks enjoying everthing from plain , to grits with red-eye gravy, to frozen grit-sicle pops, all in their native habitat. The film was recommended to me years ago by the late history professor George B. Tindall, an expert on the American South, so I can assure you it's legit. Or le-grit.

/ memorials for 4 October. ("GNU" is a term from a novel meaning, in this context, approximately, "may this name never perish," for reasons too complicated to go into here, and besides, Sir Terry tells it better than I ever could.)

GNU Francesco Bernardone.
GNU Gordon Cooper.

And always:
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.
GNU Natalie Nguyen.

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