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/#GNU memorials for 11th September:

GNU Salvador Allende, president, liberator, and martyr.
GNU Chao Kwan Lam, immigrant, teacher, and auditor, WTC.
GNU Mychal Judge, firefighter and chaplain, WTC.

And always
GNU Natalie Nguyen.
GNU Elizabeth Whitfield.

when i see "body shop", i think of something way different

i wish i could just leave my body at the shop to be worked on while my brain connects to the internet and goes and does other things while that happens

As someone who occasionally writes code, this is hilarious. Credit to XKCD.

memorials for 10th September:

GNU Mary Wollstonecraft
GNU Dalton Trumbo

As always,
GNU Natalie Nguyen

some of those who died on tis date:

GNU William York Tindall
GNU Thomas Szasz
GNU Roy WIlkins
GNU Zero Mostel

And always:

GNU Natalie Nguyen

(For those who don't know, "GNU" is a means of perpetually memorializing someone, derived from the novels of the late Sir Terry Pratchett.)

P.S. It's from Yale University Press, and can be had from Amazon or (preferably) Your Friendly Local Bookstore.

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Followers of might like to know that the long-awaited book "That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation," by Eastern Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart, is now available.'

I only just got my copy today, so haven't read it yet, but I imagine it will generate a good bit of discussion on and suchlike forums.

Fans of here on ? She has a new, um, what we Olds would call a "single" or a "45", i.e., two songs, available for USD $2 on

*in drake voice* last name gender first name trans

Alert the media: I found out why cats aren't interested in looking at themselves in mirrors. It's well known that cats are a thin place in the universe, and that "cats can see things we can't" (B. Kliban). Obviously, then, they're looking at things far more interesting than their own reflection. Like a whole 'nother universe.

So if the Roman Catholic Church has a direct line to Truth'n'God, how come there have been:

23 Pope John's
6 Pope Paul's
0 Pope George's
0 Pope Ringo's.

GOD WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS INEQUITY!!!!1!!!1! Especially the Ringo bit.

I mean seriously. Nobody would ever go to hear a band consisting of people named "John, Paul, Zephrynius, and Gelasius." Although Gelasius the First WAS the most recent African pope, so he's kinda cool, world-music-wise; on the other hand, he was in the 5th century.

Autism, functioning labels 

I find the functioning labels really weird. They're mostly based on IQ and whether you are verbal or not more than anything from what I've seen.

I seem "normal" and just like a "quiet", "smart" student if you don't know me well. I am pretty good at standardised tests but that doesn't say much about how well I "function" imo. Although school was ok for me, I am struggling to adjust to adult life and I'm not sure if I'll be able to live independently because doctors appointments and formal processes like trying to buy a house, get a job, doing taxes seem very confusing and stressful for me.

I also have moderate problems with sensory issues, so although I can still do most stuff, I get very easily frustrated and tired. I need to have a lot of free time and breaks from work so I may not be able to have a full time job without sacrificing my mental health.

National Cathedral clergy condemn the of .

Of course, no major media outlet I've seen uses the word "Christian" in their headline about this.

If it were a couple of wacko fundies calling for execution of women who terminate their pregancies, of course, headlines would be like "Christian leaders call for...."

Although I'd take Biden or Warren or Buttigieg or Yang or Chthulhlhlhluuuuu over tRump any day.

Bring me modern Austrian composers and do it Ligeti split

If you'd like to drop a line to the US government lawyer who argued in court that kids without beds, soap, or toothbrushes in () are perfectly safe and healthy, she's Sarah Fabian, US Dept of "Justice," PO Box 878, Ben Franklin Station, Wash. DC 20044.

DO NOT confuse her with another Sarah Fabian, who's a lawyer in San Francisco and Guam. She's not the same person.

Does anyone in know why the usually flown at Normal & University Avenues in is sometimes (e.g., today) temporarily replaced with a flag? Is this a specifically celebratory or memorial day, or is it just a nice gesture of cycling through various LGBTQIA+ emblems?

Band name:
Homage to Catatonia.
(Revolutionary socialist relaxing deep house covers. In Spanish.)

A question for's exvangelicals & evangelicals and anybody else who might know the answer:

I'm curious about the usage of the term "people group." Is it, as I suspect, used almost exclusively in evangelical missionary circles? Is it directly substitutable for "ethnic group" and vice versa, or is there a distinction? Do professional anthropologists, sociologists, and other social scientists use the term at all?

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