I am a better person than who I was. She was a beautiful person whose writings & talks helped shape me into a more compassionate empathetic person. My faith journey wouldn’t be what it has been without Rachel. I’m devastated. 😢😢😢

Thank you @mike & @hillarymcbride for “What I’m Learning”. So beautiful & just what I needed to hear in the place I’m in right now. The vulnerability you both showed was so welcoming. I found myself agreeing with you so much during the podcast. Normally I listen to learn, but this felt like therapy and will be one I’m going to listen to again and again so I can improve myself & be there to help friends & loved ones do the same. You guys mean so much to me. Thank you. 🙏🏻

Terrorism and racism 

Kia Ora whanau. As many of you have heard, today was a horrific day here in NZ. 49 men, women & children were gunned down by white supremacist terrorists. Gunned down while at prayer. It has rocked us as a nation. We started the day full of hope with many of our young people on school strikes against climate change. We head to bed exhausted & grieving over a terror attack. If you are the praying kind, pls pray for those who knew the victims. They need our support.

@mike & others in the know. Is there any connection with Mastodon & something that was around in the early 00s called cotse (Church of the swimming elephant)? The idea of privacy & others not seeing what you do online seems to be a foundational thing for both. I used to have a cotse account when I lived in a country that was big on monitoring who was on the internet. Through my a/c I was able to privately browse the web without others looking at what I looked at.

I’m a divorced father of two. I have worked in the news broadcast media industry for most of my working life apart from 5 years as a missionary in Asia. I am doing my Masters in Communication Studies with the intent of moving into PR. I started my deconstruction on the mission field with Shane Claiborne’s Irresistable Revolution key. I stumbled across The Liturgists in a search for more meaty engagement which has included Greg Boyd & Pete Enns. I have depression & anxiety too.

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Experiences in therapy 

@lindseybell I had a Christian counselor who was pretty good overall but was clearly trying to convince me to stay in a marriage rather than genuinely hearing how broken it was.

He really knew how to walk the line between therapy and preaching which kind of killed it for me as I was trying to work out whether I was even a Christian any more at the same time.

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Ok, new to Mastodon, here because if Mike says to do something I usually do it. What do I need to know?

Kia ora (hi in Māori). I'm so rapt to be here with my amazing liturgist whanau (family). I'm looking forward to many mind blowing, awesome conversations in the future. I know I'm a better person for being able to sit down with you all and learn from you. Kia kaha (be strong). 😃

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