I’m going to do a special episode of my podcast (THIS) where I answer your questions about the book (THIS). Please post those questions here. (Is this confusing?)

@vishnu I wanted to write a question that would get your attention. Then after finishing the post i read it and realized it was an act of ego supremacy. With that realization in mind in the present, i do have a question: How do we incorporate the teachings of THIS when the THIS is a trigger from past trauma?


@vishnu i have been trying to practice radical acceptance of THIS, in any form it may take. However, when my body recognizes a trigger from a past trauma it takes me out of THIS and throws me into the story of my pain. How do we navigate “regaining”our experience of THIS when the THIS we experience is triggering the past? What if meditation is not safe because it elicits an inner world terrorized by past trauma? How do we engage in our practice or THIS in a trauma-informed way?

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