@vishnu A great follow up read to THIS is Benjamin Hoff’s book, The Tao of Pooh. I know that THIS is based primarily on Buddhism but there is a flow of Taoism i see as well. Worth checking out the book, especially if you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh!

@vishnu im curious if anyone else is having an issue downloading and playing it??

You know you are doing something right when you ground yourself before seeing a client and @hillarymcbride pops into your head to instruct you not to judge your thoughts and feelings but just sit with them. Thanks Hillary! On of the best people to have access to my inner world!

The concept of matter is just as mythic as the concept of spirit 🤯woah! Yes @vishnu

@vishnu i have been trying to practice radical acceptance of THIS, in any form it may take. However, when my body recognizes a trigger from a past trauma it takes me out of THIS and throws me into the story of my pain. How do we navigate “regaining”our experience of THIS when the THIS we experience is triggering the past? What if meditation is not safe because it elicits an inner world terrorized by past trauma? How do we engage in our practice or THIS in a trauma-informed way?

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@vishnu I wanted to write a question that would get your attention. Then after finishing the post i read it and realized it was an act of ego supremacy. With that realization in mind in the present, i do have a question: How do we incorporate the teachings of THIS when the THIS is a trigger from past trauma?

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It’s ALL right there in front of my eyes. I am there right in front of my eyes. I am the looking, looking at my Self. Will you dare to allow yourself to be loved?

@SapphiraOlson which begs the question: Who or what is God to this young man? My guess, in this instance, is that he is connected to the God of Cognitive/Psychological Priming.

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@SapphiraOlson your story reminded me of this. Keep walking this beautiful mysterious path and know you’re not alone 💛

To my fellow white brothers and sisters and siblings: Stopping our racist patterns must be most important than working to convince others that we dont have them.

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Client quote of the day: After explaining that my internship is ending in the next few months and that we should keep that on mind, she replied, “Well, I hope for your sake, you get expensive.”

Sitting under the tree, listening. Sun setting over the city. Trees care not for our stories (ideologies that lead us to believe or not believe in climate change). They need us to help them survive!

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