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One side of my family ignorantly follows Trump and believes the administration is God Ordained, while the other side of my family suffers the consequences of the policies and changes in policies. My brother with his food stamps, my other brother with loan forgiveness, my mother and sister with health insurance, and me and my wife with graduate school subsidies.

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Man oh man. Sleeping At Last does it again. Anyone else into his tunes?

Therapist’s quote of the day as the session ended: “Alright, well, more candles and cat food.”

Hey y’all, currently reading James Baldwin. Thoughts on this connection: He writes we should be curious about how white people need there to be a problem with people of color. I was thinking that just as whites need there to be a problem with POC, men need there to be a problem with vaginas (or having a vagina). Thinking of the US government’s reaction to Judy Chicago’s “Dining Room” Art. Thoughts?

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