It’s like you’ve got this ticker scrolling across every scene of your life, feeding you questions and commentary and doubts, and yet you carry on as though you can’t see it, as if everything’s fine. Say something and you risk losing friendships and becoming the subject of gossip. Keep your doubts to yourself and you risk faking it for the rest of your life. I know a lot of people, including some pastors, who are faking it.


-Rachel Held Evans

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A lot of people think the hardest part about religious doubt is feeling isolated from God. It’s not. At least in my experience, the hardest part about doubt is feeling isolated from your community. There’s nothing quite like going through the motions of Christian life—attending church, leading Bible study, singing hymns, bringing your famous lemon bars to potlucks—while internally questioning the very beliefs that hold the entire culture together. 1/2

And the church universal is sacramental when it knows no geographic boundaries, no political parties, no single language or culture, and when it advances not through power and might, but through acts of love, joy, and peace and missions of mercy, kindness, humility.

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Marriage is sacramental when it is characterized by mutual love and submission. A meal is sacramental when the rich and poor, powerful and marginalized, sinners and saints share equal status around the table. A local church is sacramental when it is a place where the last are first and the first are last and where those who hunger and thirst are fed.

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This is beautiful:

The purpose of the church, and of the sacraments, is to give the world a glimpse of the kingdom, to point in its direction. When we put a kingdom-spin on ordinary things—water, wine, leadership, marriage, friendship, feasting, sickness, forgiveness—we see that they can be holy, they can point us to something greater than ourselves, a fantastic mystery that brings meaning to everything. We make something sacramental when we make it like the kingdom.
-Rachel Held Evans

“Imagine if every church became a place where everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable. Imagine if every church became a place where we told one another the truth. We might just create sanctuary.” @rachelheldevans

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"We could not become like God, so God became like us. God showed us how to heal instead of kill, how to mend instead of destroy, how to love instead of hate, how to live instead of long for more. When we nailed God to a tree, God forgave. And when we buried God in the ground, God got up." -Rachel Held Evans

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Reading “searching for Sunday “ - picked it up yesterday and am already half way through and wrecked. Rachel and I are about the same age and grew up thinking similarly. I’m in a spot right now where we just left our long time church and seeking.

Her writing is beautiful. She reminds me of a young Kathleen Norris or Barbara Kingsolver.

If anyone else has read and appreciated this book I’d love to hear how it spoke to you.

harmful christianity 

@robyn @peterfromfargo @kbitgood It's all the talk in the Letters about how good people are fooled by false doctrine. And not like the slight differences between denominations, but like the deep differences in how to even see the world.

Hateful doctrine crept its way into the modern church slowly enough that we didn't notice it. And it's taken over. And now we need to take it back and remove the pervasive false teachings.

Shoutout to all my people who are alienated from their moms on this mother’s day. I see you. I’m with you. You’re doing your best. Let go of the shame telling you that you’re a bad person just because you had no other choice.

I’m looking for good resources for kids, specifically middle school age to help them learn and grow. Liturgists/Richard Rohr for 11 year olds. Any suggestions?

Last night I dreamt we ate some psilocybin and then went to a spa.

While I imagine something like this happening is way far off legally, are there any spiritual retreats in the works that you’ll be leading, @vishnu?

I opened my FB app for the first time in 2019. Look what I found.

Tonight I want to share with you all my newest pieces of string art. This first one is inspired by @vishnu 's book, and basically his entire perspective on life that has inspired me so much since losing my Christian faith. Oneness has been a bit of a tough idea for me to wrap my head around, but I've been envisioning interconnectedness. This piece speaks to the multitudes of unique lives that seem so different and separate, but, stepping back, create a messy, wonderful masterpiece.

SO, I'm a pastor--it feels weird to say in this space. and also, I have tattoos, a nose ring, am in an interracial marriage & band, am & consider it part of my job to tear down & in the church. podcast has accompanied me through seminary to present--keeping me honest in my own & focused on constantly moving myself, my music, and God outside of the box💕

Reminder for liturgists people 

Don’t take it for granted that everyone you see on your “Home” timeline is from a “Liturgist” background. Like every Mastodon instance, this is a public space. Other liturgists can/do follow, and boost toots from, people on other instances.

Which is good! Just don’t assume everyone you see under “Home” comes from a Christian background or wants to talk about faith stuff.

Also, thinking about just releasing all of that archive stuff to all of you. Demos, alternate versions, missing songs...etc

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