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Prayer Efficacy Studies: Let's talk about them.

Heard different studies cited by folks like Francis Collins and Rupert Sheldrake that assert Prayer shows marked correlation to improved patient health

I've also heard people like @mike and Richard Dawkins cite studies that actually show an inverse relationship between prayer and patient health

I just wanted to get a discussion going on what these studies actually are, their methodology, what might be driving different results, etc

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I’m listening to the Good Christian Fun podcast at work and trying not to out loud laugh as they search for the worst Christian song ever. 😂 I straight up know all of these horrible songs (“hooooome freeeeeeee, eventua-ly”).
So, fellow , what’s your nomination for worst ever CCM song???

With all this New York stuff, I am still trying to figure out how to best navigate . I call myself a I get most of the arguments for how making abortion hard to get ends up oppressing women and yet find killing fetus a disturbing solution to these issues in some cases. Anyone have any good articles/books that would help me navigate these grey areas?

Hey all I am Phil. I grew up Mennonite in Ohio/Pennsylvania. I went to a Christian University that encouraged so I guess I have been on this journey for 10 years. So I guess I'd call myself some sort of skeptical yet devout Mennonite mystic.

I love reading books that shatter my worldview and I love hard discussions on sprituality. I am excited to hear what y'all have to share!

Currently I am at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio studying Ecology and Justice

Just read these at my course at my seminary the "Methodist Theological School in Ohio." Check them out if you are curious about a history of the movement and how faith/religion might be a part of it.

is seeming pretty white.

Also, seems like a potentially privileged task.

How do you feel about this? Do you think this is the case?

Also - I am happy to be here. Thanks @mike

Hey all I am curious what all books y'all are reading.

Also, not so sure about this whole toot! thing...

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