This morning, I had the great opportunity to be a guest on my beloved friend's podcast . . . Sharing my faith, hope and love with my community (@AGCmetrochurch, @PrideInstitute, @pjhendricks - on Twitter)

I tried to hold in a sneeze so my mask wouldn't get dirty. . .

Instead, I farted and belched. 😲 😂 😜

Do you know of anyone who is in need a Free Hot Meal?

Loaves & Fishes is committed to serving our community during this difficult time!

We are AVAILABLE for Drive-Up/Take-Away Meals Only. Visit for available sites.

Normally, we serve about 50 meals per day (M-Th) at my Inver Grove Heights location. Last Thursday, we served 156 meals! Yesterday, 124! The need is great and I want to share this resource with you.

Please pass this info on.

Have An Awesome Day! 😁

It's official . . .
I passed my background checks with the BCA & FBI, I will now be volunteering to bring AA meeting to prisoners. Eventually, I will also be presenting the "Scripture Through Music" bible study I created for my church All God's Children Metropolitan Community Church.

This movie is AMAZING & POWERFUL!! A MUST SEE Award Winning worthy film! You will not be disappointed from this emotionally, spiritual and culturally intense creation. Well Done!

Just Mercy

A Mid Day Funny . .

Me: "I just burned 2000 calories in 20 minutes."

Friend: "How?"

Me: "I forgot to take my brownies out of the oven."


Loss of My Mom 

Feeling really sad 😥
I can't believe it's been a year since she died.

Growing up we were two peas in a pod, I came out and we became oil and water. Though she disowned me, I was there to forgive her and hold her head the evening before she died. I said and made my peace with her before she left this earth, and for that I am grateful!

Rest in Peace Mom, I Love You :heart_pride:

Excited to be heading to my first Tabs & Wafers tonight! 😃

I love Pentatonix. They present a powerful message in a very simple and beautiful way.

The song is: Imagine

I feel so butch . . .
This afternoon, I was laying on my back, under my car with some tools and some wire and and did a "MacGyverism" to temporarily fix the thingy that attaches to the other thingy that hangs from the big do-hicky so the what-you-call it doesn't drag and make as noise. 🤪

What is black when you buy it?
Red and orange when you use it? and
Grey when you are done with it?

A piece of charcoal😜

Greetings ~

Does anyone have any recommendations for an app to replace Tootdon on Android?

Have A Great Night!

I'm out to eat w/ my dad & brother and they're basically ignoring me.😢

Just watching the movie "A Beautiful Thing" such a wonderful and powerful movie ahead of it's time that still holds a powerful and beautiful message of love. :heart_pride:

LGBTQ/Bullying/PTSD/Catholic Church/Abuse/Recovery 

The latest...

Our 12-Step Recovery Group has been canceled for the next 2 weeks. One leader out sick this week & the 2 leaders will have a private meeting with us the following week (so Joey - it will be Open Share for 2 weeks).

I think I am willing to forgive and let him stay in group IF he is willing to leave his shit at the door like I try to do & is willing to acknowledge what he did and make amends.

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Come join All God's Children for
Liturgy in Loring Park during Pride
Sunday, June 23, 2019 at
9 AM – 10:15 PM

LGBTQ/Bullying/PTSD/Catholic Church/Abuse/Recovery 

So, I wish everyone a happy Pride and pray that some day very soon we will all be judged and accepted by HOW we love and not WHO we love! :heart_pride: :trans_heart: :pride_flag:

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LGBTQ/Bullying/PTSD/Catholic Church/Abuse/Recovery 

I don't hide who I am! God has blessed me as a regular sober presenter & speaker @ a local treatment center. The last time I shared my "Scripture Through Music" & Celebrate Recovery presentation @ Pride Institute, I had a young woman come up to me and tell me, "Thank you for coming. I'm glad there're spiritual people like you who come and tell us that it is ok for us to be gay and be able to believe."

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